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article imageHoboken, NJ: Thousands still trapped by Sandy's floods

By Can Tran     Oct 31, 2012 in World
Hoboken - In the case of Hoboken, NJ, the city is isolated by floodwater due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy upon the "superstorm" making landfall.
United States President Barack Obama, who is running for re-election in the 2012 Presidential Election, spent Wednesday with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy which became a “superstorm” when converging with the nor'easter. Obama canceled his third day of political campaigning to focus on the storm recovery efforts. To the people of New Jersey, Obama said that the government will “be there for them.”
With the eastern seaboard in bad condition because of Sandy, people along the states will need the help. Recently, hospitals and New York City had to evacuate due to flooding and power failure. One such hospital is Bellevue Hospital which had to be evacuated due to the amount of floodwater discovered in the basement.
In the case of the Hoboken, New Jersey, it is dealing with the critical problem of flooding. Because of the floods caused by Hurricane Sandy, Hoboken is very much isolated. In a CNN video, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer expressed her concerns. She explained that Hoboken is “filling up like a bathtub.” Zimmer explains the problems that Hoboken is dealing with.
Zimmer has appealed to both residents and business owners to donate cans and other non-perishable foods to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Due to the flooding, it seems unknown if or when Govenor Christie can visit and assess the damage done to Hoboken. According to Zimmer, there are thousands still trapped in the flooded areas of the city.
She assured that while the situation is bad, Zimmer said that they will get through this ordeal. For the moment, Zimmer is appealing for the people of Hoboken to be patient.
Zimmer has also called upon people to conserve gas. Unless you are bringing supplies or helping with relief efforts, non-residents are prohibited from driving into Hoboken.
Currently, the people of Hoboken are being assisted by the Army National Guard. In an Oregonian article, Zimmer has made an appeal to bring boats into City Hall to help rescue people from high-rises and so forth. This is an example on how much Hoboken is flooded at the moment.
On a positive note, no fatalities have been reported in Hoboken.
As the residents of Hoboken are trying to get through the aftermath, it's the first time that they had to deal with such a situation.
For New Jersey, let alone Hoboken, Halloween has been postponed. For Hoboken, the residents are planning alternatives for that holiday. In the case of Halloween, Governor Christie has issued an executive order to postpone Halloween to next Monday due to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.
Hoboken, NJ, is a city with a population of about 50,000 people. It is located across from the Manhattan borough of New York City and separated by the river. Also, Hoboken is a compact one-square-mile city.
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