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article imageVideo: Possible origin theory, we're aliens from outerspace

By Can Tran     Oct 31, 2012 in Science
A video, from TIME Magazine, gives the suggestion that humans may have originated from outer space; but, not in the usual belief of aliens and space ships.
A recent video from TIME Magazine's online site gives a suggestion on a possibility of where humans came from. This is a completely different view that could be added to the age-old debate on humanity's origins in regards to evolution versus intelligent design. It is regards to science versus religion as they both have their differing and conflicting views upon where humans had originally come from. In this video, there is the suggestion that humans may have come from outer space.
The explanation gave detail of how humans are possibly aliens from outer space; but, it dispels the possibility of actual aliens in spaceships. Instead, the video gives something that may seem somewhat practical. Like the possibility of aliens in a ship, this theory is also something what would be out of a storyline of a science-fiction movie or game.
However, the video gives information that does support the possibility that we were aliens that originated from bacteria that were incubated in space rocks that made their way to Earth. It also talks about the craters across Earth hit by meteorites. Furthermore, it explains that meteors hitting Earth are pretty common and the craters are proof.
A theory like this has somewhat been worked into fiction. One example would be the Japanese novel called “Parasite Eve” which was adapted into a live-action movie which spawned off three video game sequels courtesy of Square Enix.
Also, a similar possibility was explored in the opening scene of the Ridley Scott film “Prometheus” which was shown in theaters as one of the summer films. But, that one had the aliens and the space ships.
The origin angle from the TIME Magazine video would support the theory of evolution; but, it's highly unlikely that the information provided by the video will do much to settle the age-old debate on evolution vs. intelligent design.
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