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article imageReview: One physician's prescription for happiness Special

By Christine Zibas     Oct 31, 2012 in Entertainment
Australian Physician Louis Koster offers a unique prescription for health: happiness. His first book offers a step-by-step instruction guide for how to achieve this elusive condition.
While most doctors who write books take on subjects related to the physical health, for Dr. Louis Koster, it’s the path to happiness that has captured his attention. A world recognized humanitarian and former physician with Doctors without Borders, this Australian medical doctor has seen his share of grief and strife. Working in war-ravaged nations, such as Angola, Bosnia, and the Sudan, among others, Koster has learned something about the human spirit along the way.
His first book, “A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What!” may seem a surprising topic, but every page is filled with his own personal experiences, as well as clear instructions for achieving a more fulfilling and happy life. Where others may offer a list of platitudes, Koster provides a workable roadmap to undertaking a pathway to joy and truth.
In a world riven by social discourse, the striving for and comparing of material gains has ultimately left many feeling empty. “A New Language for Life” provides a refreshing alternative to the status quo of dissatisfaction and unease. Instead, the book offers a real alternative to the ambition and acquisition, which leave a wave of unhappiness in their wake. Dr. Koster’s book replaces the notion of getting ahead with the idea that by being true to oneself, individuals can experience the life they truly desire.
Book cover for A New Language for Life
Book cover for A New Language for Life
This timely topic is expressed in concise steps that are clearly outlined in his book. He also shares his own experiences, both those he actively chose to overcome (stuttering) and those that appear serendipitous (his interest in helping people with a ride to Spain that introduced him to the organization Doctors without Borders). Finding oneself is not all navel-gazing and self-obsession, but instead finding a life of meaning and giving.
Koster argues for a shift in attitude and conscious decision-making that leads to a path of self-truth and, ultimately, happiness and fulfillment. He strips away the fluff and gives his readers a keen, if intensive, workout to replace old crutches with new resolve. He offers up a new way of thinking and seeing the world around us.
Dr. Koster shrinks down his message to a few, simple (although not always easy to achieve) steps and provides reinforcements via questions readers can ask themselves as they struggle along the path he sets out. What is the ultimate end reward? The joy that comes from losing oneself in work one loves.
If a life well lived is one of satisfaction and accomplishment, Dr. Koster offers this and more in his new book. To read more about “A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What!” and Dr. Koster’s virtual book tour, visit his website here.
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