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article imageVideo: Romney addressing same-sex parenting issue

By Can Tran     Oct 30, 2012 in Politics
Old video footage has surfaced on YouTube of Mitt Romney, the GOP challenger to United States President Barack Obama, highlighting his stance on same-sex parenting.
On October 29, one day ago, a video clip was uploaded onto YouTube that showed GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney's stance on the issue of same-sex parenting. This video, now on YouTube, aligns with a recent story by Murray Waas of the Boston Globe. Waas' story was published a few days earlier on October 25. While the issue of same-sex rights let alone parenting has somewhat taken a backseat, due to the heated discussion on abortion, it is still a hot topic social debate. In Waas' story for the Boston Globe, Chad Griffin accused Romney of lying about standing against LGBT discrimination. Griffin is currently the president of the Washington DC-based group Human Rights Campaign.
Griffin said that denying birth certificates to children of same-sex couples was a method taken by Romney who is running for United States President against the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama. In the Globe article, it is reported that efforts to change birth certificates were overruled by Romney during his time as Massachusetts governor. The HRC was not the only group to criticize Romney. Romney has received condemnation from the Family Equality Council in regards to such actions.
In the video on YouTube, Romney said “it's not right on paper and it's not right in fact.”
Also, in regards to the posted YouTube video of Romney, there is another story that was highlighted. This article was posted a month earlier on September 11, 2012. According to the article, there was a meeting between Romney, when he was the governor, and several same-sex couples in Massachusetts. At the meeting, Romney said he did not know they had children.
In the September 11 article, the same-sex couples told their stories to Romney at the meeting. Julie Goodridge was one of the people that addressed Romney. Goodridge talked about her daughter. Romney, in response, said that he did not care what Goodridge told her adopted daughter. Romney made an inadvertent gaffe as the daughter was Goodridge's biological daughter, not adopted.
According to people's recounts of the meeting, talking to Romney was like talking to a machine. To them, Romney had neither sympathy nor empathy. Even today, especially in the 2012 United States elections, Romney's still sticking to his stance on the matter.
The website “” has a summarized list on Romney's stance on same-sex marriage.
However, there is information which serves as ammo to paint Romney as a flip-flopper on the issue. In one article on, it briefly highlights Romney's run for the Senate in 1994. Romney was trying to get endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans and said that he would be stronger than late-Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts in regards for advocating gay rights.
Also during his Senate run, Romney favored a federal level nondiscrimination law for the LGBT community; but, the view was reversed when Romney was governor. This is supported by a recent blog entry on The Nation.
Recently, Romney has been given an endorsement by the Log Cabin Republicans.
Back in 2005, Romney said that same-sex marriage could affect how children develop throughout their lives.
With all this information put together: where does Romney stand exactly on same-sex marriage and adoption?
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