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article imageOp-Ed: UK Soap Emmerdale — Cameron stands by Chas but has a big secret Special

By Jane Reynolds     Oct 29, 2012 in Entertainment
A 'sideways' review of the latest goings-on in Emmerdale, the popular British Soap Opera.
For episodes broadcast in the UK 22nd-26th October 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
New mum Gennie's looking tired; Chas has got 'the look of love' and Debbie looks just like her mum and dad!
Poor old Gennie was – like many new mums – feeling overwhelmed, but with Nikhil’s lists and Georgia’s input to contend with it’s no wonder.
“How did your mummy manage to produce such a beautiful little girl?” we heard her asking Molly over the intercom.
He's lucky to have you too, Gennie love
Gennie’s a ‘real’ woman (for want of a better word), and not just another identikit young Soap female character. Despite changing Nikhil's life for the better and having now given him a lovely little baby too, she’s always felt that she wasn’t 'quite good enough' for him, but she should remember what I keep telling myself (in the hope that someone might want me someday!), and that's that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’!
To hear Georgia make a comment like that about her at a time when she was already feeling overwhelmed and insecure must have been horrid for Gennie, and I felt rather sorry for her. It all came good in the end though, and by Friday the pair of them had bonded. Aah!
Cameron's keeping a BIG secret …
Not a lot of bonding going on in the Dingle clan right now over Chas. The week since the murder has been relentless and gripping TV, with Chas confessing to Carl’s murder – not knowing that Cameron was the one who actually finished the job.
Ha. I was LITERALLY just about to write that I’m very pleased with how this is all going (as I was delighted to hear Cameron say that he was staying for her on Friday), but then I had a thought: HE knows that he killed Carl but Chas doesn’t.
Presumably, Chas will get let off on grounds of self-defence, which leaves the way clear for them to get together (something I’ve advocated since before they’d even begun their affair), but if that DOES happen it means that Cameron will have to keep the secret forever.
Let's hope that it STAYS a secret though
I understand completely how he’s hoping and relying on her being acquitted, but if she WERE to go down (which she won’t – obviously), then it would be his fault, and if Chas were to later find out that it was him who killed Carl then she’d – presumably – go berserk at the fact that he (theoretically) let her carry the can for the murder and let HER run the risk of being sent down for life?
Still, let’s not worry about that, aye? I’m far more excited at the thought of them finally getting together at last. Dan’s already accepted that the marriage is over.
“The way she looked at him; no-one’s ever looked at me like that. She’s in love with him. Can’t fight that. No point even trying,” he sighed in resignation.
He’s right. Did you see the look she gave him in the Court? That’s ‘The Look of Love’ if ever I saw it!
'The Law's an Ass'. It definitely is in Soap land
As usual, we had ‘The Law’ coming out with something stupid. The prosecution lawyer spouted, “Mrs Spencer was having an affair with her niece’s fiance and went to great lengths to ensure this affair was kept secret. Not the actions of a trustworthy person, I’m sure you’ll agree?”
Er, she was ‘having an affair’. People having affairs DO tend to go to great lengths to keep it a secret. That’s sort-of the whole point, isn’t it? Talk about ‘Stating the bleedin’ obvious’!
Getting married? I wouldn't be surprised!
Still, once the dust settles, I’m hoping Debbie and Andy get together again. So does Sarah. “Are you and daddy going to get married?” she asked her mum. Debbie denied it, but they’re definitely getting closer, aren’t they?
Debbie’s acting's been excellent this week. She’s genuinely looked like a woman in distress, and those tears have looked so real (which I suspect they were?). Must be hard not to cry when you're dealing with such an emotional and emotive subject.
I always love Cain/Charity/Debbie scenes. They’ve got such great chemistry and (as I’ve said many times before), Debbie really looks like she could be their real daughter!
Daughters, aye? Gobby’s continuing to be the daughter from hell this week. HOW horrible was it of her to say she hated Lizzie? It was nice to see Laurel finally lose her temper with her and send her to her room though.
Despite all the drama there's still a good handful of Grins of The Week:
Gennie: “You’ve just got that ‘look’.”
Nikhil: “I’ve just got the look of a man who’s tidying up.”
Val: “Where’s the baby?”
Gennie: “I don’t have a baby.”
Val: “You do. I saw it in graphic technicolour on my guests’ lounge carpet.”
Gennie: “I didn’t give birth in front of you on purpose. Like I said: I haven’t got a baby, Georgia does. She just lends her to me every now and again.”
Charity: “Zak. I just want to talk to her.”
Zak: “No you don’t; you want to kick her head in.”
Nikhil: “We need an action shot.”
Gennie: “What shall I do: push her down the slide?”
Val: “There’s a rumour that Carl was blackmailing you.”
Cameron: “Is there?”
Val: “Yeah, but I don’t pay any attention to rumours, me.”
Cameron: “It’s the best way, isn’t it?”
Val: “ … Was he?”
* Poor Angel's hairstyle’s not very angelic, is it? I used to have one like that!
* Nicola got the locks changed at the 'Big House'. Didn’t Declan get the locks changed last week too?
* Vic attempted to play down her attraction to Adam with a lovely lady-like, “I’ll cop off with anyone if I’ve had enough cider.” Nice (!)
* Georgia 'alwaysh shounds ash if’ her false teeth don’t fit quite right, to me.
* God, that Misery Ali gives lesbians a bad name. It was awful how she spoke to that policeman – saying she'd phone his wife. I doubt very much that he'd have found the thought of her a turn-on – not with that miserable gob!
* When I saw Jude this week it struck me how he had a bit of a ‘look’ of Robbie.
* We didn’t get to see cute boy Arthur this week, but we heard him. “I’m on the toilet,” his little voice sang-out from upstairs. Bless!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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