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article imageIn China, spouses can sue you for being 'ugly' and win in court

By Can Tran     Oct 28, 2012 in World
Jian Feng of China recently won a $120,000 lawsuit. The lawsuit filed by Feng was against his now ex-wife for being "ugly."
Lawsuits can happen to almost anybody and everybody. They can be filed over something that is really major or something that is pretty trivial. One could go to court over charges that are deemed “frivolous.” In China, you could get sued by your spouse for being “ugly” and vice-verse. This is the case of Jian Feng from northern China. Recently, the court ruled in favor of Feng and was awarded a settlement of $120,000.
The lawsuit filed by Feng was against his then-wife and now ex-wife. Aside from being awarded the settlement, Feng was also awarded a divorce by the courts. One can ask the reason for Feng filing a lawsuit against his wife. So far, the name of Feng's now ex-wife has yet to be given out.
Why did Feng file a lawsuit against his wife?
In a traditional wedding vow, there is the saying of being a faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, for richer for poorer, and loving unconditionally. Apparently, Feng did not like the part about “loving unconditionally.”
Feng's wife revealed a secret to him after they had their first child. However, the secret had nothing to do with infidelity. When the wife gave birth to the child, Feng explained that the daughter was incredibly ugly. Feng explained that he felt horror about it.
At first, Feng assumed that his wife was being unfaithful to him. However, it was far from the truth. The wife revealed a secret to him: she underwent plastic surgery. Before meeting Feng, the wife had spent about $100,000 on plastic surgery. This was a secret that the wife had kept from Feng.
Feng got divorced and sued the wife under the charge of being married under false pretenses. Apparently, the judge sided with Feng and awarded him $120,000. It is unknown what happened to the daughter and now ex-wife.
The case involving Feng is proof that your spouse can sue you for being “ugly.” In short, lying or keeping secret about “being ugly” in the past can be grounds for a lawsuit in China.
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