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Discovery's Curiosity explores 'Brainwashed to Assassinate'

By Richard Mccallum     Oct 28, 2012 in Entertainment
The Sunday edition of Discovery Network's Curiosity series airing 28/10/12 explores the dark realm of the mind when hypnotist Tom Silver endeavors to brainwash subjects using hypnotism. Can they be programmed to kill?
Silver conducts the tests in a blind study who consented to be filmed for the television program but unaware of the subject of the experiment.
The objective is to create a Manchurian Candidate without torture.
The experiment was overseen and supervised by Dr.Mark Stokes and C.A. Meyersberg among others.
"Science is only beginning to understand how the brain works, one of the things we don't yet understand is whether it's possible to control someone else's mind." said Meyersberg recently.
"What we're trying to do here is strip away someone else's free will and see if they can carry out extreme acts, can it be done? I'm not so sure it can." added Dr Stokes.
Some of the theories involved in the program were originally researched by Louis Joyon "Jolly" West during the late 50's and early 60's of the 20th century.
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