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article imageVideo: Millions watched as Jimmy Savile groped girl on live TV

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 27, 2012 in Crime
London - An old video showing Jimmy Savile literally mauling a young girl on live TV while millions watched in their homes has surfaced. The Top of the Pops video was shot on November 25, 1976 in the BBC's West London TV Center.
The video shows Savile, then in his 50s, groping Sylvia Edwards while he announced the next song to viewers on Top of The Pops, saying with a smirk on his face, “I tell you something, a fella could get used to this, as it happens, he really could get used to it.”
He reportedly pushed his hands up Edwards' skirt and groped her bottom, surrounded by other teenage girls, some of whom watched his crude antics with TV smiles plastered on their faces.
Sylvia Edwards' reaction to being molested by a man old enough to be her father on live TV was confused. She fixes a smile made for the TV cameras on her face but struggles desperately to escape the groping fingers. At the first contact, she jumps into the air with a shriek.Then she wriggles to avoid the groping hands of the presenter who continues talking to the camera even while molesting the girl.
According to the Daily Mail, Edwards, who is from Twickenham, south London, was at the time a 19-year-old trainee hairdresser. She told The Sun that later, she went to the BBC floor manager and told him what Savile had done, but he said “Get lost — it’s just Jimmy messing about.”
The Sun reports that this is the first video evidence of Savile's sex abuse. Edwards can be seen to the left of Savile holding flowers on the popular British program Top of The Pops.
Edwards told The Sun she was excited when she was chosen to sit next to Savile as he introduced the artists. The incident occurred after Elton John had performed his ballad "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word." Savile was introducing "If You Leave Me Now," by Chicago, when his fingers began wandering.
Edwards recalls:
“... I felt his hand go up my skirt. I leaped off my chair in shock. I was so surprised I cried out... But he just laughed and carried on mauling me while talking to the camera. I panicked and tried to move away from him but it was so crowded... When I tried to sit down his hand was still there and went for my bottom again... The worst thing was that he was so casual when he did it. He was committing a sexual assault live on the BBC and no one gave a damn.”
She continued:
"I was a naive girl then — I’d never slept with anyone — and was shocked. I didn't know where to go or who to speak to after getting rejected like that... I wish I’d had the courage to take my complaint further. The evidence on the video is clear, and if I could have got him convicted, I might have saved other young people from much worse. But I have to stop blaming myself because, at the end of the day, he did that to me on live TV and they let him."
She said the memories are unpleasant and contributed to the collapse of her marriage nine years ago.
According to the Daily Mail, a BBC spokesman reacting to the video and other allegations, said: "We are horrified at these allegations. When allegations of this nature are made they will be passed to the BBC's investigation team or directly to the police."
The latest revelation comes as Savile's nephew Roger Foster, a retired deputy headteacher, speaking on behalf of the family, said the allegations against Savile have left the family devastated. He offered sympathy to the victims and praised their courage for speaking out.
The Daily Mail reports it has also been revealed that Savile could be the first person to be posthumously stripped of a Papal knighthood by the Catholic Church. The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, the Archbishop of the Westminster, has asked the Vatican to remove Savile from the papal honors list.
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