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article imageTop test scores, class rewarded with 'maid service'

By Can Tran     Oct 26, 2012 in World
A teacher in China made a deal of giving her class a "maid service" if her class got the highest test scores in their grade at their school. The class delivered; in turn, she delivered.
The motif or theme of European maids is extremely popular in Japan, especially in Tokyo's Akihabara District. In that specific area, you have places called “maid cafes” in which waitresses act and dress the part. While popular in Japan, the concept of Western European maid outfits are a craze across Asia. It has even reached China.
One of the most recent cases takes place in a classroom in China. It was originally reported in the Asian publication Xinhua. It was further reported in the online publication called Kotaku. The unnamed teacher, in a classroom in China, offered a reward to the students in her class under one condition: the test scores in the class would have to be the highest in the grade in the school. If the class did, she'd reward them with a “maid service.”
As the class delivered, the teacher had to deliver and keep her world. The teacher delivered and taught class while wearing a made outfit. Students, in class, took the opportunity to take pictures with their smart devices and so forth.
Perhaps the maid cafes in Japan are responsible for the interest of the culture that is increasingly popular in Asia.
When looking at this from a worldly standpoint, this is nothing compared to the increase of reported female teacher sex scandals. The most recent notable female teacher sex scandal was Sarah Jones, a former cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, who pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct for her affair with a 17-year-old high school student.
There are no other reports about the “maid service.” For the students in the teacher's class, this is perhaps the most memorable moment. Then again, other teachers might be getting the same idea to entice their students to get better grades.
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