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article imageSecret Service: Open up, I mean 'Trick or Treat'

By Can Tran     Oct 26, 2012 in Politics
A California homeowner, for what he thought was a harmless effigy being hung in his front yard, received an early "trick or treat" visit from the Secret Service.

In the United States, talking about or displaying something in regards to hurting the United States President is very severe. What one may consider something to be “innocent” or “harmless” could be interpreted as something that would warrant a visit from law enforcement or potentially the United States Secret Service.
Homeowner Eddie Million of Moreno Valley, recently, received a visit from the Secret Service. One would have to do something that would attract the attention of the law-enforcement group dedicated to protecting the life and well-being of the United States President. In retrospect, Million felt that what he did was definitely a low.
In preparation for Halloween, people usually decorate their homes to make things look spooky. However, Million ended up hanging a dummy by the neck from a tree. The dummy turned out to be an effigy of United States President Barack Obama. Obama is currently running for reelection against GOP nominee former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.
However, Million didn't attract attention until neighbors started giving complaints. The complaints reached the media which in turn reached the attention of the Secret Service. Million was simply interviewed by the Secret Service who then requested information. However, no other actions were taken against Million.
Million regrets his decision to hang the effigy. According to Million, he bought the Obama mask last year. It was available on clearance.
This is not the first time that someone received a visit from the Secret Service in regards to something about President Obama. Recently, Lee Mulcahy of Colorado received a visit from the Secret Service for a “Kill Obama” sign.
One of the most notable incidences, which happened twice, is UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann. He made two remarks about Obama on separate occurrences. The first time would be in the wake of Volkmann's victory in UFC 125. Volkmann, in his interview with Ariel Helwani, said that he wanted to face Obama as his next opponent. His reason was due to the healthcare debate in which many have dubbed “Obamacare.”
During a youth practice in which Volkmann was coaching, he received a visit from the Secret Service. An agent had a copy of the interview. But, the agent expressed being embarrassed about the whole situation and deemed Volkmann wasn't out to hurt Obama. This incident took place back in January 2011.
Volkmann made another remark about Obama back in January 2012. This remark came after his victory over Efrain Escudero at UFC 141. He “invited” Obama for a “glassectomy” appointment. However, Volkmann was not visited by the Secret Service. During his victory, Volkmann gave a definition of what a glassectomy meant.
While he didn't get a visit from the Secret Service, Volkmann did not leave unscathed. Volkmann was placed on administrative leave from his position as the assistant wrestling coach from the White Bear Lake School District.
In the case of Eddie Million, he definitely got an early Halloween “trick or treat” visit. However, Halloween has yet to arrive. Should any of the trick or treaters visit the house be dressed as Secret Service members, it will definitely be a “trick or treat” moment.
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