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article imageGay-marriage, France's major social divisive issue

By Can Tran     Oct 26, 2012 in World
In 2013, a new law could be passed in which France will become the 12th nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Anti-gay protesters take to the streets across many cities across France.
Same-sex marriage, in regards to social issues, has seemingly taken somewhat of a backseat in the United States let alone for the 2012 elections. This is in part with the increased acceptance of same-sex marriages and LGBT rights. In the case of France, same-sex marriage has seemingly become a hot topic. For France's new government, same-sex marriage is growing to become one of the country's hot-button social issues. Furthermore, same-sex parental adoption too becomes a hot-button social topic in France.
Since 1999, the country has allowed for same-sex civil unions; but, it has not yet allowed for same-sex marriage.
In 75 cities across France, anti-gay protesters have taken to the streets. They are protesting against the possible law that could be signed in 2013. Under that new law, France would be the 12th country in the world in which same-sex marriage. Also, under that new law, same-sex adoption would also be legal in France.
This can be called France's equivalent to California's Proposition 8 campaign that sparked a sociopolitical wildfire across the United States. Proposition 8 was called one of the financially costly campaigns in the United States let alone in California. At the moment, the issue of Proposition 8 could end up being taken up by the United States Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court has yet to make its decision on whether or not it will take up the case.
David Blankenhorn, a former advocate of Proposition 8, was in an ad that defended marriage equality. According to Blankenhorn, he had a change of heart and felt that children of same-sex couples would benefit if they married. He added that we would have a better society as a result.
While this issue has taken a backseat to abortion rights at the moment, same-sex marriage still remains a hot-button social topic in the United States. Alveda King, the niece to the late civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., was in an ad that condemned same-sex marriage. In short, King said that those that support marriage equality would have a very bad afterlife.
Back to the case of France, same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption have taken a sociopolitical front seat at the moment. While there are plenty of protesters, there are actions in which people are dealing against those people.
The gay-friendly publication called Tetu interviewed two young women who went and kissed each other in front of anti-gay protesters in Marseille. However, neither of the women identified themselves as being gay. They were both straight; but, wanted to draw attention to the issue.
Many opponents of gay-marriage, such as those identifying themselves as being Catholic, say that allowing of same-sex marriage could potentially break down the taboos such as incest and pedophilia. However, that argument might not be able to float due to the many sex scandals that were uncovered in the Catholic Church.
A France24 article reports that voters are split on the issue and feelings are going either way in favor or not in favor.
In the case of the two straight women who kissed each other in support of gay-marriage, this is perhaps going to be one of the most memorable pictures in the world let alone in France. One could consider the two as important figures in a social revolution. The picture taken by AFP photographer Gerard Julien became viral.
Both sides are sticking to their beliefs on the issue. A video on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) followed some of the anti-gay protesters. The protesters explain that same-sex marriage is a lie to children. Both sides have their own ways of protesting for or against gay-marriage.
In the case of the anti-gay protesters, one dressed up like a bird.
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