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article imageCorona Beach Volleyball, perfect time killer for Corona drinkers

By Can Tran     Oct 25, 2012 in Technology
The makers of the beer brand Corona released an app called "Corona Beach Volleyball" which activates when the user's iPhone or iPad detects a bottle of Corona on the table.
Since smart devices entered the market, venue for mainstream and independent program designers has been offered. If you buy an app license, you can sell apps on places such as Google Market, Apple iTunes shop, Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), Playstation Network (PSN), and so forth. If you make an app, you can sell it while the respective distribution networks get a percentage of each sale. This is a convenient way to get apps on the market and profit off them. There are all sorts of different apps you can download for free or for a price. Apps can be entertaining to educational or serious to silly. There are apps for virtually anybody and everybody that uses a smart device.
Kotaku reports of an iPhone/iPad app called “Corona Beach Volleyball” which is readily available to download from the iTunes marketplace. This is a volleyball game from the makers of the popular beer brand called Corona. It is developed by Harmonypark Limited. The app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (3rd, 4th, and 5th Generation), and iPad. However, at least iOS 5.0 or a more recent version.
It would seem to be a simple volleyball game app; but, there is a catch. Your Apple device, with the app, has to detect a Corona bottle sitting on the table. If the device does not detect a bottle of Corona on the table, you cannot activate the app.
From the graphics, the game is rather simplistic. When a bottle or two of Corona is detected on the table, the app generates a small beach volleyball court on the screen. If you regularly drink Corona, this is an app you might want to have as a time killer. If you are going out, you could order a bucket of Corona, depending on where you eat out.
As another catch, this is seemingly available only in Great Britain.
This is understandable as users have to be at least 17 years old to download at the application. In Great Britain, those that are 16 or 17 years old are allowed to drink beer, wine, or cider. That is provided is the drink is with a meal bought by an adult and also accompanied by an adult. However, it is illegal for that age group to drink spirits in pubs.
Adults are legally allowed to buy alcohol for children over 4 to drink in the home. Those under 18 years of age, under the 1997 Confiscation of Alcohol Act, can get their alcohol confiscated by the police if they are caught drinking in public places.
If you need time to kill and have a few Coronas in the fridge, go ahead and play a few rounds of Corona Beach Volleyball. If you don't have any in the fridge, the recent version of the game has a “Corona Locator” feature that finds you find the nearest place where you are that has Corona.
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