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article imageOp-Ed: Foreign Policy Calls For Diplomacy, Not Bravado

By Paige Donner     Oct 26, 2012 in Politics
Diplomacy is no joke. Foreign policy is not a pissing contest. And pure bravado does not diplomacy make. Watch the 3rd Presidential debate in its entirety to get the facts straight before forming your opinion about the candidates' foreign policy position.
Reading through the slew of tweets, comments and other punditry since the 3rd U.S. Presidential Election Debate on Monday, you would think that the majority of the (vocal, anyway) Obama supporters find Foreign Policy matters to be material for bad jokes. And that diplomacy is nothing more than bravado.
Diplomacy Is No Joke. Before commenting and tweeting about the Presidential Debates, watch the debate, in its entirety, so you get your facts straight and are not just regurgitating BO pundits' McBites.Listen. Analyze. And then form your own opinion.
I'm going to zero in here on the issues of Bin Laden and Pakistan as I think these illustrate the imbalanced discourse that took place during this 3rd debate. Romney wasn't even given the chance to rebut Obama's provocative challenge that he "didn't want to invade" Pakistan to get "the bad guy."
When Romney finally did get a chance to defend his position, it was in the context of another question, but, still, any rational adult could hear his foreign policy position stated clearly. Simply put, Romney stated that his Foreign Policy is one of Diplomacy and a policy that respects our allies and the international law of sovereignty. Pakistan is our ally, not our adversary.
And as Romney took care to point out several times, Pakistan is a nuclear-armed ally with a less than perfectly stable government and a country that is occupied by terrorist-like groups including the Taliban, not to mention Al Qaeda. He did not say that had the situation arisen on his watch that he would not have gone in to get Osama. He did say that when dealing with a nuclear armed country that is sovereign and technically our ally he would have observed accepted protocols and played by the rules. He also clearly stated that he will pay his respects to allies like Israel, and not forego state visits when on an official tour of the Middle East as Obama did just after taking the office of the United States Presidency.
Romney will play by the rules. Foreign policy is a matter of playing by the rules, of adhering to long-held international diplomatic tenets. To reduce the well-being of some 8 billion human beings and even the future of the planet itself to a pissing contest, as Obama has demonstrated he is quite capable of doing, is just plain irresponsible and wreckless.
I admonish anyone who is going to tweet and comment and otherwise vent their opinions about the debates and the U.S. presidential candidates to at least listen - in whole - to what's being said and use rational, factual analysis when forming their summaries. Spewing forth these idiocracy one-liners based on 15-second McBites from BO Campaign supporters is not doing anyone any service. And it could very well jeopardize the future and well-being of the world's citizens and even our planet.
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**This Op-Ed piece has been updated 10/27/'12 to include these 3 above-mentioned hyper-links to publicly available information about the U.S. Republican and Democratice Presidential Candidates.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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