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article imageGary Johnson gets endorsement from Chattanooga Times Free Press

By Andrew Moran     Oct 24, 2012 in Politics
Chattanooga - Libertarian Party nominee and former Republican New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has received his biggest endorsement of the campaign season. The Chattanooga Times Free Press announced in an in-depth editorial that it is supporting Johnson for president.
Although he is registering in single-digit numbers in the polls with just weeks until the election, Johnson, an advocate for free markets, drug legalization and the Fair Tax, may have received a boost after the Chattanooga Times Free Press announced its endorsement of the former two-term governor.
The editorial started off by explaining that the news organization’s editorial page has been the host for free market principles, limited government and personal responsibility. It stated that a presidential candidate must adhere to those philosophies and although it has endorsed Republican candidates in the past even if they were flawed, they were better alternatives.
It will not endorse former Massachusetts Governor and Republican nominee Mitt Romney for president because he has not provided a clear path to reduce the size and scope of the federal government and reform entitlement programs, and is only “slightly” less willing to spend, tax and attack personal freedoms and “disregard the constitutional limits on government” than President Barack Obama.
“To the extent that Romney offers an alternative to Obama, the difference is in degree, not in kind,” wrote the Chattanooga paper. “As a result, the Free Press editorial page endorses Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson for President of the United States. Johnson, a former two-term governor of New Mexico, has more administrative experience than Romney, who served just a single term as Massachusetts governor.”
The newspaper cited Johnson’s accomplishments as governor and his plans for the White House.
Some of his achievements include slashing the state’s gas tax, reducing the state’s income tax, and promoting school choice. His plans for president include balancing the budget, overturning Obamacare, encouraging free market health care coverage, limiting military intervention and restoring civil liberties.
“Others claim that it is wise to vote for the lesser of two evils. The problem with that, however, is that voting for evil only leads to more evil,” added the editorial. “With the founding principles and the economic future of our nation at stake, Gary Johnson offers the best plan to restore the values of limited government, personal freedom and free markets that made America the greatest country in the world.”
Digital Journal reported recently on the third-party presidential debates, which included Johnson, Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Justice Party nominee Rocky Anderson and Constitution Party nominee Virgil Goode.
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