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article imageReview: ‘REC 3’ follows tradition while advancing the lore Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Oct 24, 2012 in Entertainment
‘[REC] 3: Genesis’ extends the story of a deadly outbreak by unleashing the infection at a wedding and ruining the couple's happy day.
The [REC] franchise began spinning its mythology five years ago. Tenants of an apartment complex were quarantined within the building as their neighbors were transformed into vicious cannibals. The sequel took place in the same location moments after the first film ended. It is here the audience learns the virus is demonic in origin and the people that appear infected are actually possessed. At Toronto After Dark, [REC] 3: Genesis expands the story world outside the building to a wedding.
Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo's (Diego Martín) wedding is beautiful. They're in love and their hundreds of guests couldn't be happier. But when an uncle describes being bit by a dog at work, it's only a matter of time before the party is turned into a massacre.
The return of writer/director Paco Plaza allows for a lot of continuity between the films. Staying true to the found footage aspect of the series, most of the movie is shown in first person via the videographer and a guest's camcorder. Though because they are usually capturing Koldo in action, it feels like a more traditional use of the camera versus the typical shaky handheld images. The remainder is displayed via security footage or as a regular third-person perspective.
Because the attackers are not actually zombies, they continue to be both fast and slow. Some are able to jump around and run like athletes, while others are slow in spite of spotting their prey. The interactions between the affected and non are altered because most of them are intimately acquainted, being relatives and long-time friends. In this chapter, the physical appearance of the demons is shown repeatedly through various reflections further proving the nature of their existence.
The religious element of the narrative is amplified. As a result, seeing the second film, in which this connection is revealed, goes a long way in explaining some of the occurrences. The presence of the priest that performed the ceremony proves invaluable as the narrative progresses; though his lack of effectiveness in certain cases is bittersweet for audiences.
This installment is not as action-oriented as previous pictures. Instead, the third movie is a love story. Clara and Koldo are absolutely devoted to each other, risking life and limb to find the other when they are separated in the chaos. They "feel" the search is not because they "know" their partner is alive. This is yet another variation introduced in this version of the epidemic.
Director: Paco Plaza
Starring: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martín and Javier Botet
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