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article imageVideo: Turkish woman walks on street, gives birth, abandons baby?

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 24, 2012 in Health
Istanbul - A shocking CCTV footage appears to show a woman give birth as she walks down the street. She walks awkwardly with two older people; a baby tumbles out of her body to the pavement. The three look at the baby briefly and move on.
According to, the incident made headlines in the Turkish media. The footage was captured in Istanbul's Bagilar district. Ninemsn reports it was first posted to YouTube in June and has gone viral.
According to the Daily Mail, the woman is a teenager. She was walking with her parents along a darkened street. She appears to give birth while walking as a baby drops from beneath her to the pavement.
The baby soon attracts the attention of passers-by who gather around in amazement and confused bewilderment. One of them eventually calls emergency services; the police and an ambulance arrive at the scene.
According to the Daily Mail, in spite of the manner in which the child was dropped, it survived, and hospital staff named her Ecem Ahu.
The incidence has sparked a fierce controversy in the Turkish media, the Daily Mail reports.
According to The Hurriyet Daily News, police have identified the teenager. She told the police she gave birth while she walked. Ninemsn reports that when police questioned her, she said she did not notice the baby when it tumbled out of her body. Her story sounds incredible: "Something fell from me. I thought it was a blood clot. I didn't know it was the baby."
Police say the older people walking with her in the footage are her parents. They claimed they did not know their daughter was pregnant. But hospital staff have provided contrary evidence. They said the baby had its umbilical cord tied up, suggesting it had been born earlier but deliberately dumped as they walked.
The Hurriyet Daily News reports hospital staff say the baby was delivered at home.
Ninemsn reports that Andrew Foote, president of Australia's National Association of Specialist Obstetricians, said it was possible that a woman deliver a baby in minutes. However, he said it was not likely the mother would be able to deliver the baby while walking and then walk off immediately. He said: "People can deliver a baby literally within minutes, but usually they will be doubled over with pain and will have to pause to catch their breath."
Foote also said a woman who has had a previous birth may give birth quicker.
The Hurriyet Daily News reports police say the calm reaction of the teenager and her parents suggests they deliberately dumped the child. The footage shows them staring at the baby briefly before they walked away.
It is not certain whether any action has been taken against the teenager and her parents, but The Hurriyet Daily News reports they were released after initial questioning.
After they dropped the baby on the street, they reportedly returned home. The teenage girl changed her clothes and went to the hospital.
Police have identified the father of the child as the 17-year-old boyfriend of the teenager who lives in the same neighborhood. Reports say the girl was also raped by the older brother of her boyfriend as well as his friend after they threatened her that they would tell her parents she had sex with her boyfriend and became pregnant.
The older brother has reportedly been arrested on drug possession charges unrelated to the case.
The girl requested that the baby should be given to Turkey’s Child Protection Agency.
The incident reportedly happened in a working-class suburban district populated with poor families.
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