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article image'Horses and bayonets' sensation going viral

By Greta McClain     Oct 23, 2012 in Politics
The third and final 2012 Presidential debate is done, and refusing to be outdone by Mitt Romney's infamous "binders full of women" meme in the last debate, President Obama started his own internet buzz with the "horses and bayonet" comment.
As Digital Journal reported Monday night, President Obama responded to Mitt Romney's criticism of the decreasing number of U.S. Navy ships by saying, "Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military's changed."
Almost immediately, clips of the comment began popping up on YouTube. Pictures portraying the latest political meme are pouring into Tumblr and according to Yahoo! News, there were 6.5 million tweets over the course of 90 minute debate with the most tweeted moment being was President Barack Obama's "We also have fewer horses and bayonets" comment. It also did not take long for the video parody's to show up either.
Attempting to make the point that modern warfare doesn't require the type of equipment it did in the past, the Obama campaign was most likely trying to show Romney is stuck in the past when it comes to foreign policy issues according to CNN. If that point was conveyed is up to individual perception. What is for certain is that the 2012 Presidential Election debates have had their share of memorable moments, and memes.
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