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article imageOp-Ed: What would a Mitt Romney presidency look like?

By Eric Morales     Oct 22, 2012 in Politics
As Mitt Romney gains a lead over President Barack Obama in some polls many may wonder what an administration under a President Romney would look like. Key advisors to his campaign give a clue to who he may pick for key cabinet posts.
It's Tuesday morning on January 22nd, it's a new year and a new President. The coffee brews in kitchens across the country, average blue collar Americans read the newspapers while riding the subway to work and commuters listen to conservative dominated talk-radio gloat over the Inaugural that solidified their return to power.
Mitt Romney now walks from the Executive Mansion down the West Colonnade to the Oval Office where past President's have governed from and addressed the nation, the seat of power for the office of the President of the United States of America. Already inside is his key staff and advisers ready to tackle the new agenda of a Romney administration, but the question is who are they?
That's the mental picture that many Republican's hope will play out in three short months, a picture that Democrats may dread, a picture that the Obama campaign is devoted to ensuring does not occur and one that the Romney campaign can strongly begin to believe in if the Gallup poll of likely voters which shows Romney leading President Obama 51 to 45 percent can be believed.
When members of Romney's advisers spoke to The Cable in August the race was still very close it was at that time that several people were mentioned as being possible nominees in a future Mitt Romney cabinet.
Many are already advising the Romney campaign and the names also read as a whose who in the Neo-Conservative movement as well as a flashback to the height of the Bush administration's prosecution of the War in Iraq.
One of the top candidates for Secretary of Defense is former Missouri Senator Jim Talent who endorsed Romney in June of 2011. He also sits on Romney's Economic, National Security and Foreign Policy advisory teams. The 56-year-old Jim Talent is married with three children and is also a Chicago Law School graduate who states he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior in 1984 after hearing Evangelist Luis Palau's radio broadcast in his car. Talent was considered an ally of President George W. Bush during his tenure in the U.S. Senate from 2002 until 2007. Jim Talent stated he would still had supported the war in Iraq even if he had known Saddam Hussein's regime did not possess weapons of mass destruction, saying "It was the only possible strategic choice."
Another contender for a top post in a possible Romney administration is Eric Edelman a two time Ambassador, once under Bill Clinton and again under George W. Bush he also served as Under Secretary of Defense in the Bush administration. Edelman is considered a contender for the post of Romney's National Security Adviser. The 62-year-old is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Doctorate from Yale in American History. He is most well known for his response to Hillary Clinton's letter to the Pentagon in which she called for the Department of Defense to outline a timetable on pulling troops out of Iraq in 2007. Edelman wrote Clinton back saying: "Premature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies in Iraq, much as we are perceived to have done in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia." The response was considered stinging at the time since it addressed a sitting member of the Armed Services Committee at the time. Edelman's rebuke was not extended to Senator Richard Lugar who also asked for a timetable on withdrawal from Iraq.
Elliot Abrams is also suspected to be a contender for the NSA post. The New York native born to immigrant Jewish parents would be turning 65-years-old during the first few days of a Romney administration. Abrams was charged but never indicted in the Iran Contra scandal. Abrams a graduate of Harvard Law School who has served with Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush was rumored to be a key figure in the Bush Administration's attempts to overthrow Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.
Many in the Romney camp speculated in August that Independent Senator Joe Lieberman who will be retired from the Senate in 2013 will be a top choice for Secretary of State. Lieberman according to the Washington Post has stated he is open to serving in a Romney administration if he is elected. Another figure in the White House staff is John Bolton the controversial former Bush-era Ambassador to the United Nations who was a recess appointment to that post in 2005. The insiders in the Romney camp speculate that Romney as President may wish to appoint Bolton, who endorsed him early on in 2012, to a White House post in order to bypass the confirmation process.
The News Times has also speculated that Romney could also appoint fellow Mormon and moderate Democrat from Utah Jim Matheson to the post of Interior Secretary. The spot would be key if the Romney administration kept its pledge to push the Keystone XL pipeline through. The appointment of Matheson would be contingent on him losing his seat in the House of Representatives against challenger Mia Love, who according to Real Clear Politics is polling six points ahead of Matheson.
It maybe too soon for Ann Romney to begin to start considering how she would redecorate the White House and what issue she wants to champion, but her husbands team as well as the Obama campaign is already considering who will make up either man's team. It may only be a few weeks before conservatives hear the word they want to hear transition, and the debate begins on Mitt Romney's appointees to a new Republican administration to start 2013.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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