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article imageVideo: 'So Real it's Scary,' falling elevator prank goes viral

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 23, 2012 in Technology
Watch this remarkable viral ad for LG's new high-definition computer monitors that shows the terrifying moment an elevator floor crumbles under the feet of office workers. Real? Fake?
You enter an elevator and the lights go off unexpectedly, followed by ominously screeching noise of metal at endurance-limit and, unbelievable, the floor buckles and gives way, the entire lift floor crumbles and plunges down into the shaft, revealing a yawning black bottomless pit beneath your feet.
What do you do?
Clutch at straws, literally, and let out a heartrending scream as you prepare to take the inevitable plunge into Hades.
But wait! its just a prank, a viral video stunt by LG to impress us just how sharp the image of their new HD computer monitors are.
What you thought was the floor really were the combined screens of the new HD monitor. The alarming sound of distressed metal actually came from hidden speakers.The collapsing floor really was an animation from the combined monitors.
Elevator floor crumbles
Elevator floor crumbles
Watch the reaction of the poor victims of this extreme practical joke.The jump to the sides and hold on to the railing for dear life. For a split moment the thought that flashes through their minds is, "so this is how it ends, in an elevator." But the floor really isn't collapsing, its an illusion.
A pair get over their shock quickly enough and laugh at their fright. A suave looking businessman with a briefcase loses his composure. Watch the reaction of the woman who cries in fright. She seems unable to get over the shock as she exits the lift. She pats her chest to calm her heaving heart.
A potentially costly joke. What happens to those of us who are pusillanimously weak-hearted? A heart attack just to promote LG's new product?
The Daily Mail reports LG did not respond to questions whether the lift passengers were real office workers or actors.
YouTube users have debated the authenticity of the video. Almost everyone believes it is fake and that the floor is actually a greenscreen and the passengers actors.
Elevator floor collapses
Elevator floor collapses
The passengers don't look as scared as one would expect if the illusion effect was so real, some viewers say. Others think that the fact that the passengers do not exaggerate their fear suggests they were not actors.
A commenter, Arcyday says: "Its a perspective trick, the only way this would work? is if the observer was actually on the exact angle of the camera."
Elevator floor collaspes
Elevator floor collaspes
Luiz Macedo says: "It's the reflection of a greenscreen. That means this video is a fake wannabe-viral 'shut up and take my money' promotion? ad."
Goldenboi24k comments "The People were in on? it. LG are too big of p****** to try it on the real public. B*******!"
The video was posted by LG on October 19 and it as received over 600,000 views on YouTube
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