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article imageProf. who knew George Romney says Mitt Romney lacks his integrity

By Marcus Hondro     Oct 21, 2012 in Politics
A Michigan professor of philanthropic studies at Grand Valley State University who worked with, and greatly admired, Mitt Romney's father, George, has made it apparent that he does not admire George's son.
Writing in the news journal 'Michigan Live', Prof. Joel J. Orosz writes he was "privileged to work for several years with Mitt Romney’s father, the late George Romney, when I was a grantmaker at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and George Romney was one of the Kellogg Foundation’s grantees." He called George Romney a man of great integrity.
He made it clear he does not feel the same about Mitt Romney, who Orosz said may admire his father but failed to match George's strong character. He cites what he refers to as the taking over of the Republican Party by "extremists" from the Tea Party movement and claims that George Romney would have stood up to them, but that Mitt "folded like a cheap suit."
Mitt Romney part of "radical rich"
The professor, who serves on the board of three charitable organizations, talked of his reaction to Mitt Romney's remarks about 47 percent of Americans being self-proclaimed victims. He said it was painful to hear the GOP nominee for president speak as he did about his fellow-Americans, doing so to obtain the funding of the rich, and noted that George Romney would never have spoken so hatefully.
He also cited the case of a Mitt Romney foreign policy advisor under fire for his sexuality who did not receive backing from his boss. "Earlier this year, when a homophobic televangelist outed one of Mitt’s foreign policy advisors who was gay (a lynching offense in today’s intolerant Republican Party), Mitt Romney didn’t have the decency or the courage to defend a friend and employee who had served him well - so a respected, capable, and honorable public servant was forced to resign with Mitt Romney's knife sticking out of his back."
"Do you think that a cowardly lion like Mitt will have what it takes to go eyeball-to-eyeball with the dictators of China and Russia when he quakes in his boots before a hate-spewing, second-string TV preacher? Do you think that a Romney administration will be anything but a government of the radical rich, by the radical rich, for the radical rich, who have bought him by picking up the obscenely expensive tab for his campaign? "
Prof. Orosz: Romney "morally unfit" for job
Prof. Orosz, who recently had a fellowship created in his honor by friends and colleagues for his work in philanthropy, went so far as to accuse Romney of "spinelessness" and to write that unlike his father, who ran for the GOP nominee but lost to Richard Nixon in 1968, Mitt is "morally unfit to be the President of the United States."
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