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article imageMicrosoft 'drops' Facebook and Twitter apps on Xbox 360

By Armando Tamayo     Oct 21, 2012 in Technology
Microsoft announces their regular (and imperative) fall season updates for the Xbox 360, by dropping two popular apps in Xbox's dashboard: Facebook and Twitter.
The move may not be extremely felt by most gamers, but nonetheless brings a substantial change in the console's most recognizable and ever-present applications. The Facebook and Twitter apps were added three years ago to enable gamers to share their updates in their Facebook and Twitter accounts. In Microsoft's latest update, the two well-known social network applications have been "officially" booted out from the Xbox 360 ecosystem.
A Microsoft representative speaks to Mitch Dyer of IGN, saying, "We're retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps in an effort to 'streamline' app functionality on 360."
The Redmond based company gave no real numbers on how many gamers actually use the two social apps to update their online gaming, but the Facebook app, as quoted in a PCMag report, "... at least allows gamers to more easily find their Xbox Live friends in the real world (or vice versa)." Twitter apps on the other hand allow 140-character gaming updates.
In a post for MTV, gadget blogger Don Hatfield made no indication about how it will completely change how Xbox gamers socialize, saying, "Xbox Live is social media service in itself, minus all the dumb cat photos and random -this is what I ate for breakfast!- status updates... It's social media for gamers. We chat, we send messages, but most of all, we play games together."
Microsoft has declined to comment if the two apps will ever be returned. However, if users still want to have their game updates posted in their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the software company recommends the use of Internet Explorer 9, where they bundled their Fall updates.
The Xbox 360 fall updates features a new layout, combined TV/Movie channel, Sports app, Internet Explorer 9, recommendations and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, pinning and an enhanced search using Bing, Microsoft's search engine.
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