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article imageReview: More Gangnam Style Parodies

By Ken Hanly     Oct 20, 2012 in Entertainment
Seoul - I have included a number of videos that show the range of Gangnam style parodies. There are parodies featuring Romney and also Obama. I have included four different parodies or versions of the original and the original itself.
The Obama parody can be found here and the Romney parody here. Both are Digital Journal reports.
The original version that I have also included was released back on July 15, 2012. As of today the You Tube video has been viewed over half a billion times. The song itself is a parody on the life style of the well off people who live in Gangnam a district of Seoul.
A recent Indian version, is a Tollywood take on the dance. The dancers are performers from a 2006 Telugu film. The dancers seem quite good at synchronizing their movements. They leave out many of the somewhat racier parts of the original.
There are several cartoon parodies but I have just included a short Pony video as a sample. I thought the version with the babies was cute. The little kids sometimes get into the spirit of the performance. Finally there is a version with sounds added to the original which I found rather clever but also rather vulgar in places! The sounds do match the action very well, especially the scene on the toilet!
There are 21 different versions and parodies of the original Gangnam style video at Huffington Post. The list is far from exhaustive. There are numerous cartoon versions and one that parodies North Korea. No doubt the interest in Gangnam Style has begun to fade but there are always new parodies that keep interest going for a while at least.
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