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Op-Ed: Austerity — The political bullet headed everyone’s way

By Paul Wallis     Oct 20, 2012 in World
Sydney - “Austerity” is a word which first came from the hellishly idiotic mouth of Margaret Thatcher. After years of chronic cronyism and nepotism governments around the world are seeing the start of a long overdue backlash.
Thatcher’s “children’s children” are now rotting away nicely. Her perm with nothing underneath it was the beginning of the degradation and humiliation of a formerly great nation. The UK public is now on the warpath against another dose of austerity, two generations later.
Across Europe, austerity is now a synonym for poverty at government call. The Euro dream is confronted with the sheer imbecility and greed of its financial sector, and whole nations are on the ropes. Greece is in tatters. Spain is on the edge. Italy is a few steps from joining them.
In the US, the Occupy movement has isolated the 1% as the simpler demographic expression of an economic black hole, but things are a bit more complex than that. “Austerity” in the US means “more of the same while geriatric, out of touch plutobrats rule”. Greedy old fools are still fools, however self-righteous. Political corruption and cowardice handles the details, while old thinking and obsolete economics rule.
The fact is that decades of economic mismanagement and corruption in the financial sector have inevitably come home to roost. Global financial disasters have now been going on for years. The global financial sector should be largely in jail by now. Instead, the failures have become an ideological staple. Like a perverted version of the Buddhist saying “Everyone is the Buddha”, the financial sector has come up with a similar “Everyone is Bernie Madoff” type of culture. Why should everyone else tolerate being broke, while this sort of behaviour goes unpunished and is actually encouraged?
The big question  no answers
The big question, no answers
Austerity means?
Austerity means-
Cuts in services paid for by the public- Remember that politicians and the financial sector enrich themselves at the expense of the public. So necessary services go begging. Cuts across the board are the typical “austere” measure, while politicians and insiders continue to live very well indeed in secure positions.
Cuts in welfare to pay for administration- Like cutting off the legs to pay for the horse, these austere illiterates don’t even understand the basics of welfare. Welfare was introduced in the Depression recovery era to pump money through a failing lower economy. Businesses were closing because nobody had any money. The GOP in its Hoover-worship days called it socialism. The current version of “conservatism”, if you can call paid trash conservatives, is no different. There is no thought at all.
Keeping obsolete systems running for political reasons- Health, education and housing policies are based on ancient 60 year old models. These old crocks fail every second of every single day. The fact is that others make money out of maladministration.
Preserving the “power elites”. It’s always amused me to see people talking about “the old WASP elites” as if this were some sort of improvement. The current species of scum are barely literate. They bought their degrees and went on to prove it. These aren’t elites. They’re criminals, hired by deluded morons who also trust flattery and promote idiots.
You could wipe out the cost of education in seconds with proper online resources, but is it happening?
You could create a lot much better housing by simply wiping out the decaying remains of the old cities, is that happening?
The likely result of “austerity”, coming from the same mindsets that caused the problems will be, naturally, more disasters. People’s lives will be put on hold while these certified non-geniuses construct yet another Rube Goldberg fix to serious situations.
Both liberal and conservative “mindsets” (since when are clichés mindsets?) are equally responsible, particularly in the US. Austerity is a result of total hypocrisy. It’s impossible for anyone with a percentage of a brain to fail to recognize the disasters. Everyone saw what was coming, because there were endless reports and projections around the world. Not a damn thing was done.
Quite the opposite, the dino-systems are all still very much alive, propagating the disasters. In a sane society, would a self-admitted group of privileged criminals be welcome? In some circles, they’re heroes.
Austerity, with any luck, will be the bullet that sends the old political thinking and its repulsive freeloaders to their graves. People are looking for a chance to remove the “enema elites”.
Let’s face it- Nobody with an actual education could run things this way. The degree of incompetence which has led to austerity is as much of a problem as the disasters themselves. Everyone’s looking forward to more disasters. The financial “markets” (more like cattle feed yards) and political freeloader sessions are transparently insane.
The bullet is coming. Let’s see how accurate it is. If it doesn’t hit the target, don’t worry too much about it. There’s a lot of ammo, and they won’t all miss.
***Readers- sorry about the typo at the end of the original. Fixed thanks to a vigilant DJ reader, Robert Myles. Thanks for that, mate.
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