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article imageVideo: Cockroach crawls over Robert Kovacik on live TV

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 20, 2012 in Odd News
Los Angeles - A reporter for NBC LA Robert Kovacik, gave a demonstration of the traits of a seasoned pro by maintaining composure, staring unflinching and steel-faced into the camera while a cockroach skittered across his shoulders and head during a live broadcast.
According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred at a live shot on Thursday's 11 p.m. news during a report on the Charles Mansion unsolved murder. The Huffington Post reports the large red cockroach appeared from nowhere, scurried back and forth over his shoulders, over his left arm, to the back of his neck and to the right side of his body seconds after the report started.
Kovacik's exaggeratedly deadpan facial expression as the vermin scurried impudently over his body has amused thousands of viewers. NBC Los Angeles expressed the picture of the poker-faced reporter succinctly, saying. "Nothing bugs Robert Kovacik."
Robert Kovacik
Robert Kovacik
The Christian Post reports that Richard K.De Atley tweeted: "NBC Los Angeles' Robert Kovacik keeps on rolling despite a bug that looks like it was raised in a steroid lab."
LA Weekly comments: "As he stood in West Los Angeles Kovacik acted like it didn't even exist -- sort of like Mitt Romney to the 47 percent."
After the incident, Kovacik tweeted: "#NBCLA: Thanks viewers for noticing the 'guest' in our live shot! Any names for my new pet?"
Robert Kovacik
Robert Kovacik
NBC's "Today" show reports that this is not the first time that Kovacik finds himself "bugged" in public. According to The Christian Post, during the Christmas season 2010, he was dining at the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Club with Lisa Vanderpump of the "Real Housewives" when a drunken man launched a verbal attack on the pair and punched Kovacik in the face.
The Daily Mail also reports that this is not the first time that a reporter was joined on duty by a creepy crawly insect. KIDK's Todd Kunz once had a spider drop in from the ceiling into the studio while he read a news story.
Mediabistro reports Kunz said: "I could see something falling from above in my peripheral vision and thought it was just lint or something, but when it kept pausing, I knew what it was. Knowing my next story was an OTS, I thought to myself, this is going to be bad if he stops right in the camera view… and sure enough, he did."
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