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article imageOp-Ed: Future surveillance technology will read your brain waves

By Eliot Elwar     Oct 19, 2012 in Technology
Surveillance technology evolves as mind reading from brain recordings technology decode 'neural fingerprints,’while scientists successfully develop technology to ‘hack’ into our brains to obtain private data.
From Science Daily News: Cognitive science researchers have long been interested in finding ways that human brains represent thoughts by illustrating the human electrical signals complex interplay. Recent modifications in brain recording and statistical methods have given researchers unprecedented insight into the physical processes under-lying human thoughts. Science researchers have shown that brain recordings can be employed to reconstruct aspects of an image or video excerpt you are viewing, a sound you are hearing, or even the book you are reading. This report demonstrates how far the scientific community has come to reading your mind. Now, what is next will be doing it real time. This would be the ultimate goal and what a tool for those in charge of a global Surveillance System. This would allow for no hidden thoughts.
From CBS Seattle News: Scientists can now “hack” into your brain with a device that’s easily available on the open market. Researchers from the University of California and University of Oxford in Geneva can pluck sensitive information from your head, such as your PIN numbers and bank information. This capability reveals how mind reading has evolved. Within a few years government authorities will be able to determine private information about you and me by employing these advance mind reading technologies.
From Kurzweilai Accelerating Intelligence: “New research by Rice University, the University of Houston (UH) and TIRR Memorial Hermann aims to help victims recover from stroke to the fullest extent possible by developing and validating a noninvasive brain-machine interface (BMI) to a robotic orthotic device that is expected to innovate upper-limb rehabilitation.” This revolutionary new neuro-technology will interpret brain waves to permit stroke patients to operate an exoskeleton that wraps around their arms from their fingertips to their elbows. This technology involves reading human brain waves, which is the key to future mind control segment in a totalitarian surveillance society.
From INFOWARS: Within 75 years people will have embedded microchips within their brain that will allow their behavior to be controlled by government officials. These chips will interface with global computer systems designed to regulate your personal behavior. This new technology is probably already here. This new mind control technology could become part of a future surveillance system worldwide. This technology will destroy human freedom, while creating a generation of puppets.
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