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article imageAt least 26 dead in militant attack on army base in Yemen

By Ken Hanly     Oct 19, 2012 in World
Sanaa - At least 26 have been killed in an attack by militants on an army base in the southern province of Abyan, according to both military and medical sources. The U.S. has stepped up drone attacks in the area in an attempt to dislodge militants.
While Islamic militants no longer control most of the territory that they had occupied up to a recent offensive, they are still mounting many successful attacks on military and other targets. Most of the militants have retreated into remote areas. A continual guerrilla warfare is waged against the government..
The U.S. was involved in the recentYemeni offensive and has increased drone attacks, as well as reinforcing its embassy with marine guards in Sanaa. The drone attacks create considerable anti-American feeling and also make the government appear to be under the influence of the U.S.
The attack on the army base was initiated by two suicide bombers wearing military uniforms who drove their explosive-filled car onto the base and blew themselves up, killing ten soldiers as well as themselves and wounding another fifteen soldiers. An attack from the sea then followed killing eleven more militants and two soldiers.
An injured soldier told Reuters via telephone from a hospital:"The two suicide bombers were wearing army uniforms, and even their car had a military numberplate, so they didn't raise any suspicion."
Meanwhile,.also in Abyan province, a U.S. drone attack kllled nine people in an attack on a farmhouse. The nine were referred to as suspected militants including Nader al-Shaddadi, described as a local leader.
Yemeni officials refer to him as the leader of the Al-Qaeda Jaar faction. He has been listed as killed in battles, and strikes, several times previously. The attack is just one of many mounted by the U.S. lately. U.S. ground troops have long been acting as advisers for the Yemeni military offensive against militants. The U.S. does not usually mention these strikes unless some high value target is believed to have been killed.
Yemen faces not only attacks from Islamic militants but from Houthi rebels in the north and a secessionist movement in the south. At one time, the southern part of Yemen was a separate country.
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