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article imageOp-Ed: Live chats can rescue businesses out of doldrums

By Ajit Jha     Oct 19, 2012 in Internet
According to a recent research report, live chat technologies are increasingly gaining in popularity to the extent that 79 percent of the shopping population prefers live chat because they have their questions answered quickly.
The research from Boldchat, titled “Live Chat Effectiveness: A Survey of Internet Shoppers 2012” surveyed 2027 people with 75 percent volunteers located in the U.S and 25 percent in the U.K.
The popularity of live chat technologies is perhaps due to the fact that retailers who employ this technology are able to create meaningful relationships with customers online. Additionally, support issues such as general questions or check errors can be addressed quickly.
According to some of the key findings of the report, almost 20 percent of the online shoppers prefer live chat in comparison to any other communication method. The survey also indicated that most live chat fans are in 31-50 age. They have higher household income, and they shop more frequently. The rising popularity of live chat platforms is further evidenced in the fact that 65 percent or more shoppers have engaged with a retailer via this platform. When asked the reason for their preference for live chat, 79 percent shoppers reported that they have had their questions answered quickly, while 51 percent preferred this platform because of their ability to multitask.
The report highlights the changing preference of consumers who expect excellent customer service at every level of online shopping experience. In other words, real advice from real people online is what consumers are increasingly looking for. They will probably reject the poorly trained chat personnel. Poorly attempted automated chart processes can also be disastrous for a business. However, the retailers who can do the chat processes right will most likely see increased conversions as well as the increased average sales value.
In yet another survey of more than 2000 consumers and businesses across Britain, it was found that most companies fail to deliver the online customer service experience that consumers look forward to after paying for products and services. This could be the reason for lukewarm response to business failing to put live chat in place.
According to this survey, “customers want to connect fast, and engage live with a human customer service representative at their bank, retailer and other online businesses.”
Some of the companies like Comm100, the leading global provider of enterprise-level customer service and communication solutions, have been offering live chat software application to businesses around the world since 2009. Today, their live chat application has been embraced by over 100,000 businesses. According to Jeniffer (Complete Online Pharmacy), “Comm100 live chat software is one of the best ways to generate leads and convert them to sales. We thank Comm100 for providing such as useful online chat program.”
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