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article imageFlamin' Hot Cheetos banned from schools in three states

By Richard Mccallum     Oct 18, 2012 in Health
Los Angeles - The popular snack has been dumped by schools in Illinois, New Mexico and California for possessing high fat and salt counts and still inconclusive proof that it may be a "gateway" snack due to possibly addictive quotients contained therein.
Bet ya can't eat just one!
According to HuffPo one of the snack versions of the delicious corn doodle from Frito-Lay contains a quarter of a day's salt serving and 26 grams of fat.
New research finds that these salty treats may be in a category called "hyper-palatable" foods.
Gene-Jack Wang a scientist associated with The Brookhaven National Laboratory published a paper in September/12 which was a review of possible biological overlaps between obesity and substance abuse .
In the paper he posits that, "percieved importance of the reward (food or drugs) becomes exaggerated at the expense of other rewards triggering "abrupt dopamine increases" that can "override the brains......control mechanisms that would normally moderate consumption."
"You can almost equate the craving for (processed food) to that of cocaine", said radiologist Wang.
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