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article imageOp-Ed: So many costumes, so little time Special

By Tiffany Romine     Oct 18, 2012 in Lifestyle
Booneville - As the end of October nears, many children find themselves scurrying to find the right costume to wear for the BIG night.
Fall is here, with it brings the month of October. October as I remember was the greatest month of the year next to December as a child. Not much has changed I have learned, by watching and listening to children as they pass by me in the department stores. Their little minds race as they start listing all the possibilities for what to dress up for Halloween. Even the question as to what to use for their collection of valued candy seems to be a hard decision.
When I asked the question to Jakob Dustin, what are your plans for Halloween?
I realized, I was dealing with a very serious issue with this eleven year old.
“It’s hard to decide, there are so many.”
Jakob said, as he flipped through a line of costumes at the local retail store.
“I don’t want to be like everyone else, it’s boring. Plus, you don’t want to wear the same thing as someone else because it’s stupid.”
It’s amazing to me now how many different costumes there are. I remember as a child there was only a small selection to choose from. Now, you have over a hundred plus to choose from. Some costumes have special effects, such as blood running down the front and movable parts. These special effects were unheard of back in my time.
When Jakob was asked about candy, his response made me chuckle a little.
“I try to start early. I make sure to get to every house. I know the good houses and bad.”
I asked what his definition was for that response, wanting to get a clearer understanding about good houses and bad houses.
“I know who gives handfuls of candy and who will give you a toothbrush or an apple.”
My reply to that was toothbrushes and apples don’t seem too bad to me. Jakob just shook his head at this. “It’s all about the candy.”
Jakob finished by saying he would like to be Freddy Krueger this year. Last year he had went as Jason Voorhees and seemed to get a lot of compliments on his costume. As far as his candy carrier, Jakob said he would rather just carry a pillow case. “The bigger the better” he said with a smile.
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