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article imageVideo: Watch man dive into frozen pool in 'Catch the Ice Dude'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 17, 2012 in Internet
Things went very wrong when a man anxious to impress his friends attempted breaking through the ice cover of a frozen outdoor pool by jumping into it.
According to the Daily Mail, the video shows the man, believed to be German, wearing only boxer shorts outdoors on what looks like a very chilly day. It appears he was dared by his friends after he suggested he could dive through the ice covering the pool. Determined to prove his mettle, he gets on his knees and psychs himself up for the foolhardy stunt.
He sums up courage, runs toward the pool and jumps, attempting to crash through the ice by curling up into a ball. But the ice proves thicker and stronger than he judged. He lands on his backside on the ice and bounces off, painfully, without making any impression.
The video shows the man's friends rolling in laughter at his buffoonery. He struggles to put up a brave face while writhing on the ice in obvious agony.
The young men may think it was funny but the stunt their friend attempted to pull was very dangerous. He could have sustained crippling injuries to his spine.
According to the Daily Mail, the video was uploaded to YouTube by one of the stuntman's friends.
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