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article imageOp-Ed: Take the pledge to support Prop 37 to label GMO foods

By Anne Sewell     Oct 16, 2012 in Food
Californians go to the ballot box on November 6, 2012, to decide on Proposition 37, the initiative to label foods with genetically modified ingredients. Should the majority vote "Yes", Californians will finally get the right to know what they are eating.
This is what Monsanto and its minions in the opposition dread the most. If Proposition 37 passes, you will see labels on processed foods made using Monsanto's soy, canola, sugar (from sugar beets), corn and cotton. Yes, you heard right, Americans eat genetically engineered cotton in the form of cottonseed oil, an artery-clogging trans fat. You will also see labels on genetically engineered sweet corn, squash, zucchini and papaya.
While there are no genetically modified animals as yet, when and if the first is approved, Prop 37 would make sure that they are labeled too. The Obama administration is currently considering genetically engineered salmon so if approved, these would be labeled.
At present, 61 countries worldwide label genetically engineered food ingredients. If Proposition 37 passes, the US will then join the rest of the world in knowing what is in their food.
California makes up 10% of the US grocery market, and is the world's 8th largest economy. Bear in mind that big food companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle and Pepsi are unlikely to label GMOs in just one state and not in the others, so eventually the whole country could have labeling on GMOs.
Ca Right to Know
It should be so easy to pass Proposition 37. In September, polls showed "Yes on 37" leading 66.9% to 22.3%. But since then, "Yes on 37" has been badly outspent by Big Pesticide and friends on the "No on 37" side. With the opposition laying out $35 million, support has plummeted for the cause, and the lead is narrowing with 48.3% saying "Yes" to 40.2% saying "No."
The biggest contributor to "No on 37" is Monsanto, at $7 million. Monsanto has put more money into the opposition of Prop 37 than the entire "Yes" side combined. See the graphic below for more details on who is on which side in the battle.
Digital Journal has reported on the misleading advertising that $35 million is buying for the "No on 37" campaign. Despite the advertising being misleading, and some being taken down, millions of Californians saw these ads, and it seems that some have been convinced.
Whether you are in California, or elsewhere in the world, please take the pledge to help with Proposition 37. Help to share the truth and tell your friends about Monsanto, GMOs and the California ballot initiative for the right to know what is in our food.
Also, please sign a petition to send to the food companies, tellng them to stop siding with Monsanto and to support GMO labeling.
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