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article imageVideo: Browns fan dunks head in urine bucket, wins $450

By Greta McClain     Oct 16, 2012 in Internet
Cleveland - People will do some pretty crazy things for money, but dunking your head into a 5 gallon bucket of urine has to rank pretty high on the list of one of the craziest.
Several YouTube videos began circulating on Monday showing a Cleveland Browns fan being both encouraged and discouraged from dunking his head into a large bucket of urine. The "event" occurred at a tailgate party before Sunday's Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals game.
The man, who is called "Phil" in the video, accepted a bet from a fellow tailgater according to the Huffington Post. If he agreed to put his head into the bucket of urine, he would win $450.
Despite pleas from onlookers yelling "Don't do it, Phil!", Phil takes off his shirt, rubs hand sanitizer on his head and kneels in front of the bucket. The pleas then turn to chants as people yell "come on, do it" and a countdown begins. When the countdown ends, "Phil" plunges his head into the bucket.
Barry Petchetsky, a columnist at DeadSpin had many questions after watching the video: "Whose idea was this—Phil's, or his peer pressurin' friends? How drunk was Phil? How many people and how long did it take to fill up a five-gallon bucket with urine? Which poor bastard had to sit next to this guy during the game?"
WithLeather's Brandon Stroud says he cannot decide if "Phil is stupid or smart, saying:
"on one hand he’s earning almost $500 for less than a second of work, but on the other, holy shit dude, how did your life end up here?"
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