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article imageOp-Ed: Homosexuality = Ducks rule the world. Yes, really.

By Paul Wallis     Oct 16, 2012 in World
Sydney - According to a New Zealand teen, if homosexual marriage is allowed, ducks will out-evolve humans, and she doesn’t want her kids to have to compete against ducks. A bit late, anyway. Just ask Daffy and Donald.
Gawker found this story:
Jasmin applies her homespun knowledge of evolution — which she later admits is something she doesn't "believe" in — to the eventuality of marriage equality, asserting that such a development "could threaten the human position on the evolutionary ladder, and say, ducks could take over the world."
That's right: Ducks.
How's that? "Ducks always nest in pairs and if we allow same-sex marriage, then the ducks will have evolved further than we have." Ipso facto an Orwellian dystopia will emerge, "with ducks more equal than us."
Opinions vary on whether this is a joke, although one American was pleased to see that “There are people like this outside the US?”
Of course the really ridiculous thing is that bit about ducks “evolving” to take over the world.
We already have.
This is a quote from one of my books, Mimbly Tales-
Also a collage of ducks was to be seen. There were ducks of irreproachable and irrevocable grandeur. Ducks of inscrutable wisdom. Ducks of wild wit. Ducks of rapier intensity, ducks of noble ethos, ducks of sublime passion and finest nuance.
So there.
Duck propaganda is everywhere. I’ve been writing it for years.
These words relate to ducks:
Bill, feather, down, web, duck, ducking, waddle, quack- Almost the entire spectrum of human life in a few words.
So when you’re waddling off to pay your bill for your web service and plucking your feathers out because you can't duck out of it and you need to see a quack, you know who to call.
This young Kiwi fruit bat has shown the way for others. She should be praised, not for her opinions but for recognizing the superiority of ducks.
And may I say-
Your own local giant carnivorous duck will schedule an appointment.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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