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article imageOp-Ed: Yes on 37: Don't let the pesticide companies buy your vote

By Anne Sewell     Oct 15, 2012 in Food
Big Pesticide is currently spending $1 million per day on TV and radio advertising to confuse California voters about Proposition 37, which simply requires clear labeling to tell us what is in our food.
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Despite it being evident that labeling of GMO products is essential, and the fact that the large majority of Californians are demanding this labeling, the world's largest pesticide companies are currently spending $1 million per day to confuse voters.
The truth is that all that money can buy plenty of confusion among listeners and viewers, but it cannot buy the actual facts about Proposition 37, which are as follows:
1. "No on 37" is trying to tell Californians that labeling is going to raise the cost of foods, i.e. the cost of the labeling will be passed on to consumers. They reckon that grocery costs for the average Californian will increase by $400 a year.
This is untrue. Labeling did not raise costs in 50 other countries worldwide who have implemented GMO labeling. It won't raise costs in the California either. Just adding a few words to the labels actually costs shoppers nothing. Read about the only independent study on Proposition 37 to find out the Truth about Cost.
2. "No on 37" is saying Proposition 37 is “a measure for trial lawyers written by trial lawyers.”
Proposition 37 was not written by trial lawyers. It was written by a group of food industry, farm, science and health experts, including representatives from Lundberg Family Farms, the Organic Consumers Association, Food Democracy Now!, Nature’s Path and the Center for Food Safety.
3. "No on 37" says Proposition 37 will provide “countless new opportunities for shakedown lawsuits.”
The truth is that there are no incentives for lawsuits. The opposition's stories about "shakedown lawsuits" make absolutely no sense. Proposition 37 is extremely straightforward and easy for businesses to follow. Companies will label their products for genetically engineered ingredients, just like they label calories and fat. Retailers are protected under the law. Read the Truth about Lawsuits.
4. "No on 37" says that exemptions offered by Proposition 37 make no sense.
However, exemptions under Proposition 37 make absolute common sense: Prop 37 exempts products that have no ingredient labels, such as restaurant food and alcohol. You can't exactly expect a restaurant to stick a label on every dish or drink they serve?
Proposition 37 will cover meat from genetically engineered animals. The opposition is merely trying to confuse voters about exemptions - and to do this they are running TV ads featuring a fringe radical scientist (one who thinks nuclear radiation is good for our health and who suggested that nicotine is not addictive) - because they don’t want to label genetically engineered foods. Read the Truth about Exemptions.
Ca Right to Know
Thousands of farmers in California are for Proposition 37. All the leading businesses in the natural and sustainable food sector are voting Yes on 37. All leading labor groups in the industry, including United Farm Workers, United Food and Commercial Workers, and California Labor Federation are saying Yes on 37.
Stand with those leading the health, faith, labor and consumer groups and vote Yes on Proposition 37. Don't let the pesticide companies and purveyors of junk food try and buy your vote.
In the broadcast above, Dr Robert Gould, MD, San Francisco Bay Chapter President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, speaks on the health implications of GMOs and explains why labeling of products containing GMOs is essential.
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California Right to Know
California Right to Know
California Right to Know
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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