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article imageOp-Ed: Nanos Poll: Justin Trudeau Liberals pass NDP, close in on PC

By Richard Mccallum     Oct 15, 2012 in Politics
Justin Trudeau's Leadership bid for head of the Liberal Party of Canada witnesses a popular reaction in a national poll, some strong new rivals looking for the same job, and a stern warning from The G&M's John Ibbitson and Beware the Bilderbergers!
Week 2 ends and Week 3 begins when Nanos Research revealed today a poll they recently conducted on popular reaction to MP Justin Trudeau's current campaign for Leader of the Liberal Party, is producing a strong new image for a troubled Liberal Party hijacked by a pack of slobbering Depend sporting grand-pappies who delivered a performance in the last federal election that was akin to a bunch of infants splattering their fecal messes everywhere BUT the "potty".
Nanos posits that Justin Trudeau, if elected as leader of the Liberal Party and if a federal election were held today, would receive 30.1 % of the popular vote, that the NDP would come third with 27.9 with Stephen Harper's Tories garnering 33.3%.
Wow, that is a whole bunch of if's and but's and possible time travel and just about everything else including the kitchen sink but the bottom line I guess is that everyone had better watch their P's and Q's as the election gets closer and closer.
Of course everyone knows that all pollsters along with beautiful weather girls and slimy stockbrokers are fantastic job positions because it is also one of the few jobs that always pay you no matter how wrong you are(or aren't).
The gist is that our heroic reporter decides to "ambush" JT to discover his secret alliance to the Bilderbergers who are planning the New World Order and worship owls named Moloch or Stalxallop or maybe even they might worship mashed potatoes smothered in mayo. Anywhooooo bearded wonder gets an answer but just has to keep pestering everyone at the event about his views on fluoridation(!!!) the economy and it's all because he is seeking the truth good folks of Canada!
Thank you spider monkey!
Oh by the way when did you last ask this Question to any members of the PC or NDP?
By the name does a guy with the last name Poutine sign your pay check ??
.. yeah I thought so,,,,yep eastwooding again... but I'm starting to dig it!
Here is JT's recent speech in Missisaugua in total.
A brief interlude as we ponder two celebrity endorsements from CHOM Montreal morning man Terry DiMonte and an acting lesson and primer on public speaking from McGill's man from the future the notorious scenery chewing megaham known as William Shatner courtesy of CBC's 22 Minutes
And a very hearty "CHOM CHOM" to you TD Why don't you grab a smoked meat sandwich, you're looking a bit lighthearted!
And in the words of your replacement " Let It Be So!' , Mr Shatner- the smoked meat platter is by the window in the buffet!
It is this reporter's solemn pledge that as soon as one of the non famous cast member's of Murdoch's Mysteries delivers a ringing endorsement of Prime Minister Stephen Harper that I shall immediately report it.
Let's not Thomas Mulcaire's famous zip lining trip with Rick Mercer
OK the free lunch is over and the martoonis are gone ..... so let's truck down to Wanda's mean let's get back to work!
CBCNews today published a piece on the other candidates who are readying themselves to enter the fray which now is somehow resembling a weird electric circus filled with cosmic clowns, strikingly gorgeous ubervixens, vicous bloodthirsty beasts, acrobats in mid fall without nets ,the regular carney tricksters handled by supercrooks and a dude who was born on Christmas.
Here's who' is running: Deborah Coyne , David Bertschi
, Alex Burton
Here's who is thinking about running: George Tachak, Marc Garneau
and Martha Findlay Hall (who is kinda hot in a schmoopy like way.....what can I say I guess I've got a thing for "powerful women" anyway I know she's off the's just a little screen crush which I am sure will just fade away in a decade or two)
But I shall digress....
There is a strong movement to draft Mark Carney but he is very busy taking "appropriate action" to save the Canadian economy- but wait isn't that the part of the "other guy's" Economic Action Plan ? The lines are blurring... glaucoma is kicking in strong....
Is he POPULAR???
By the way dude, thanks for "saving the economy" you can retire anytime now... what?
You mean your "work" is not finished yet?
OOhhh sing hey for the life of a lovely uberbanker like yourself ! (with all apologies to A.A. Milne)
Like I said I'm startin to dig the eastwooding...
Finally the treasured and wizened old Scottie John Ibbitson weighs a dire warning young JT that the universe can be a "cold and dark place"and that whatever he does that the MP from Montreal's Papineau riding must not listen to the"Laurentian elites" which is going to be the new pundit buzzword/phrase for Week 3.
This reporter is happy and proud to borrow Mr. Peabody's way back machine to allow Ms. Betty Boop to provide a special guest opinion of Ol' Scottie's brilliant warning for the Great White North:
Oh and while we're at it dude you have been living in Canada for like what 20 years or so and you are still rocking that tired old gaelic rolling thunder when you speak..dude... you live in Toronto...not Sterlingshire!
Ditto for 60 year old private schoolboy Daniel Richler , by the way find a new hairdresser cuz Rod Stewart called and he wants his hairdo back!
Here's some vid that speaks for itself..
So viddy them well good brothers and sisters, gotta stroll over to the milk Wanda's ......oh whatever!
See you next week unless I'm arrested for starting a peaceful riot while being an "punkintelectualmindterrorist " who may be accused of revealing dangerous "gateway" thoughts!
PS Digital Journal does not have a time machine but Bullwinkle and Rocky do!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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