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article imageGeorgia woman Angie Stockton gives birth to her own grandson

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 14, 2012 in Health
Athens - A Georgia woman Angie Stockton, 45, has given birth to her own grandson after she agreed to act as a "gestational carrier" for her daughter Krista Saxon, who was unable to carry her baby through pregnancy.
The baby, Tucker Landry Saxon, was born on Saturday weighing seven pounds, 12 ounces. He became the fourth baby to be born to his grandmother in the U.S. and the first in the state of Georgia. According to Online Athens, Stockton gave birth to Tucker Landry Saxon at Athens Regional Medical Center.
Digtriad reports Krista and Trent Saxon got married three years ago. They dreamed of having a child of their own, but Krista's gynecologist told her she might not be able to carry a pregnancy because her womb was not well developed.
Krista said: "My uterus never fully formed, so the [doctor] just told me, because of that, I would not be able to carry." She added: "That's the mother's job. So it was just hard knowing I couldn't do that for my child."
Kristan's mother, Angie, however, agreed to be the gestational carrier. krista said: "My mama being the gestational carrier means everything to us. If you have to have a gestational carrier, you want someone you trust completely and know will do everything right to take care of your child along the way, and what better person than my mama.”
According to Online Athens, being a gestational carrier is different from being a surrogate. A surrogate provides the egg, carries the baby and gives birth, but a gestational carrier uses a fertilized egg provided by the mother of the baby and only carries the baby in her womb.
Stockton expressed the role she played succinctly, saying: “I’m just the oven.”
Online Athens reports Saxon underwent a treatment that helped her produce two eggs. One of the eggs did not survive retrieval. The other that survived was frozen, and in February it was thawed and transferred to Stockton's womb. Two weeks later she learned that the procedure was successful and that she was pregnant. Online Athens reports Stockton said: “The nurses were crying, I was crying, Krista was crying.The doctor came into the room and said, ‘This is a miracle baby. We had one egg and it took.’”
There was great joy when the baby was born. Krista said: “As soon as Tucker came out we were both crying tears of joy. " She said about her mother, Angie: "She is the greatest mom that anyone could ever ask for, and because of her compassion and love for her child, she has given me and my husband the greatest gift of all, our son. I’m not sure how we would have gotten through all of this without her.”
The Daily Mail reports Stockton said that during her pregnancy people would come up to her and say : "'Oh you're expecting'. And I would say, 'Yes, I'm carrying my grandchild.' And they would say, 'Do what!'"
Trent Saxon, the father of the new baby, is thrilled at having a son. He said: "I was just tickled that he was here and healthy. But I was also thinking about putting him in a ball uniform, getting him on a ball field one day."
Krista Saxon, savoring the joy of motherhood, said: "Each day as we got the crib together, put his nursery together, it became more real but I didn't start thinking 'oh my gosh I'm about to be a parent' until we were getting ready to go into the operating room and then it just hit me like we finally made it."
Online Athens reports Krista says she and her husband will not go through the process again. She said they would probably adopt a girl in the future because they have always wanted to have one boy and one girl. But for now, "we are perfectly content with our perfect little boy, and already feel so incredibly blessed.”
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