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article imageLive Stream: Felix Baumgartner freefall from the edge of space

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 14, 2012 in Sports
Felix Baumgartner is attempting to break the world record for the highest and fastest freefall in history today, Sunday October 14 at 12:24 PM EDT. You can watch a live stream of the jump here (UPDATES).
The jump was postponed because of unexpected winds on Monday and Tuesday.
According to USA Today, Baumgartner "unaccustomed to freefalling while confined by a helmet and cumbersome suit... started suffering panic attacks and pulled himself off the project. He overcame his fears with the help of a sports psychologist."
Felix Baumgartner in the capsule
Felix Baumgartner in the capsule
Baumgartner told USA Today after a test jump from nearly 100,000 feet: "It was simple stuff. I'd put on a helmet and tell him, from one to 10, how panicked I felt. And in the end, no matter what the number was, he told me my pulse rate never changed. So it was all in my head."
UPDATE: About 3.4 million people are watching the live stream at the moment.
According to The Associated Press, a lot could go wrong:
"His blood could boil. His lungs could overinflate. The vessels in his brain could burst. His eyes could hemorrhage. And, yes, he could break his neck while jumping from a mind-boggling altitude of 23 miles."
Felix Baumgartner in the capsule that lifted him to 128 045 feet
Felix Baumgartner in the capsule that lifted him to 128,045 feet
UPDATE: At 2:09:33 EDT, the capsule reached an altitude of 120,000 ft. The jump is yet to commence and keep in mind that shots of the balloon in the live stream are from mission control.
UPDATE: At 2:17:11 EDT, the capsule reached 127,490 ft, about 10,000 ft to ascend.
UPDATE: 2: 20:23 EDT. Decision has been taken that Baumgartner will jump! Baumgartner and Mission Control have started a second check-list run through.
Felix Baumgartner s mission control centre
Felix Baumgartner's mission control centre
UPDATE: 2:23:25 EDT. Capsule at height of 127,811 ft.
UPDATE: Baumgartner, 43, has jumped from his 11-by-8-foot fiberglass and acrylic capsule and landed safely on earth after a supersonic leap from space. During the first 35 seconds of the leap it is estimated that he accelerated from zero to 690 miles per hour at supersonic speed for the about 1 minute of the leap that lasted nearly 10 minutes.
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