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Content hungry YouTube announces 60 new 'channels'

By Abigail Prendergast     Oct 14, 2012 in Entertainment
Google-owned YouTube, the planet's most popular video-sharing site, has set its sights on expanding its array of "channels," not only in the US, but across several European countries as well. Hopes are to broadcast what can't be done on TV.
The immensely popular video sharing site we all know as YouTube has decided to expand on its "channel experiment" it started almost a year ago. According to International Business Times, the website, which was acquired by Google Inc. six years ago, announced the finalization of several business deals in America along with quite a few European countries like the United Kingdom, Germany and France.
The deal aims to have said countries deliver cash advances for upwards of 60 new television-style "channels," offering a variety of original program content.
The expansion in the United States adds to the already existing 100 or so channels created last year when Google initially announced the endeavor, investing 300 million dollars to fuel the experiment over the course of six months.
YouTube has also announced the partnering with several European cable networks reports Huffington Post. Content will be streamed from channels such as "Britain's BBC, London-based FreemantleMedia, Netherland's Endemol, and dozens of others."
According to, the European - like the American - programs will offer " a mix of celebrity-oriented, niche, and established programs."
“Some of the channels are personality-driven, others are from partners who are totally passionate about a subject,” said Ben McOwen Wilson, manager of YouTube's northern European partnerships, in a phone interview before the announcement.
He pointed out his aspirations to put something on YouTube that otherwise could not be broadcast on conventional TV, despite the expansion permeating into territory occupied mainly with such.
The channels will give prospective viewers a wide range of niche subjects and networks, "such as Guinness World Records: OMG and The Jamie Oliver Food Channel Other British channels range from programs on drum and bass (Mixmag TV) to childcare (Netmums) and makeup tips, fashion, royalty, and more."
While McOwen Wilson himself declined to enclose the amount paid for the European side of the project, The Associated Press previously had reports stating that the company had dished out 100 million dollars with the 100 channels launched in 2011 reports iol. Advances from each channel rounded off to about 5 million dollars.
Parent company Google also has advertising revenue in its cross-hairs, hoping such will cover money in advance that it shelled out to set up the networks.
"Any surplus money generated on top of the advance will be split between Google and the producers," reported the iol website.
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