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article imageGeorge Galloway, the NUS and rape

By Alexander Baron     Oct 14, 2012 in Politics
That great bastion of democracy the National Union of Students has voted for a no platform ruling regarding George Galloway. Gorgeous George is most unhappy.
That great American statesman Benjamin Franklin once described democracy as two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner, adding that liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote. * The National Union of Students has demonstrated its commitment to the former, now George Galloway is contemplating the latter. So what is this all about?
As most readers will know, a certain Julian Assange is at the centre of what many believe to be a contrived allegation of rape - two rapes in fact, of two different women. No, it is not alleged that Assange donned a mask and jumped out at them in the woods as might a latter day Antoni Imiela, but that after taking them to bed (no, not both at once), he and the women had consensual sex, then one of them was too drunk to remember the next morning, or something like that. Or was she asleep, and Assange initiated round 2 without waking her up?
George Galloway has commented at length on these obviously contrived allegations (whatever the political machinations of the women concerned) and pointed out quite rightly that this sort of nonsense demeans the meaning of rape.
Not everybody likes George Galloway, everybody has a different opinion of him, but something his detractors and his friends will agree on is that one four letter word you won't find in his dictionary is tact. After he expressed this forthright opinion on his radio programme, he was sacked. Last month, a motion was put to the NUS that it should add his name to its no platform list along with those wicked racists and fascists. This motion has now been carried, and it means in effect that if Mr Galloway speaks on something somewhere, NUS people will not.
Mr Galloway has now issued a writ against the NUS. Anyone who believes this is something that should be entered into lightly should read up on the current state of play in the UK.
Meanwhile, the former Labour MP is back in Parliament with his new party and is currently tackling homelessness. You can read all about him here. Well, not all about him, but all that's fit to print.
* Actually, Franklin didn't say this, but in recent years it has been widely misattributed to him, and it certainly sounds good!
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