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article imageNick Pope: Britain is armed and ready for UFO alien war

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 14, 2012 in Technology
In an interview, Nick Pope, former UFO adviser for the UK Ministry of Defence, said Britain has a stockpile of aircraft, drones and sophisticated military weaponry which it can use to defend itself against space invaders.
According to MSN, the interview was conducted ahead of a live webTV show as part of a promotion campaign for the new computer game, "XCOM, Enemy Unknown."
Nick Pope told MSN: "We do have several prototype aircraft and drones and other weapons you won't see on the news for another 10-15 years so if we did face a threat from the unknown then even if there is no Torchwood around now, there would be something like it by then and they certainly would have some great kit to help in the fight."
He added: "Look at the Taranis, which is a prototype made by BAE Systems. It looks for all the world like a spaceship in the hanger."
It is difficult to guess whether Pope merely speaks tongue-in-cheek for the purpose of the marketing promotion or whether he intends his assessment of Britain's readiness for alien invasion to be taken as realistic appraisal of the situation. It isn't certain what makes him think that the "Taranis, which is a prototype made by BAE Systems," would be able to match jet fighters fielded by alien forces with space technology far more advanced than ours judging from their ability to traverse interstellar distances to launch an invasion on Earth. Pope acknowledges this fact in a "war plan" he released on June 26, mostly marketing blarney for Nihilistic Software and Sony Computer Entertainment's "Resistance: Burning Skies." He stated in the "war plan" that if aliens have technology sufficiently advanced to find us they would very likely be superior to us in military technology.
Pope said that the official position of the British government that UFOs pose "no significant defense threat," really means "we don't know."
He added: "My colleagues and I said, whatever our official position - the one we gave to the public, media or parliament, - privately, where five per cent of UFO sightings remained unexplained, at the very least there has to be a potential threat."
Pope believes alien invasion would probably force the nations of the world to unite. He said: "For those who think that far-fetched, Ronald Reagan once hinted at it in a speech to the UN. He said 'I occasionally think how quickly we would set aside our difference if we faced some alien threat from the other side.'"
Pope firmly believes there are other life-forms in the universe and that some of them will be intelligent. He said: "I am open-minded about the possibility that some of that life is visiting us down here but just as our space program is reaching out to find out what is out there, it seems other life forms could be motivated by the same thing."
When asked what aliens look like, he said that according to people who have seen them, they come in all shapes and sizes. Although he gave no credible examples of "people who have seen these things," he expressed conviction that there is a vast variety of life. He said that one of the things being discussed at the Royal Society is that "we could be dealing with artificial life - a post-biological universe of cyborgs and robots. I suspect there are thousands and millions of civilisations out there.We all hope it's just going to be ET-style fluffy aliens as opposed to a terrifying alien invasion."
He fails to give the evidence on which the discussion at the Royal Society that "we could be dealing with artificial life - a post-biological universe of cyborgs and robots" is based. Of course, where imagination is given free rein anything is possible.
Pope said that the single event that convinced him more than any other that we have had alien visitors was the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980, in Suffolk, England. He said: "It was not a sighting of a UFO in the sky but a UFO that actually landed. Some of the witnesses described a smallish craft. It came on a second night and when military personnel examined the landing site they found indentations in the ground and defense intelligence staff assessed the radiation levels with a Geiger counter and found radiation levels at eight times normal."
Nick Pope: Background
Pope joined the UK Ministry of Defence in 1985 and in 1991, he was assigned to investigate reports of UFO sightings to see if they have any defense significance. The Ministry of Defence said at the time Pope began his investigation that it "remains totally open-minded" about the subject of alien life but said there was no evidence that UFO sightings posed any threat to national security.
MSN reports Pope explains his role in government as a UFO adviser:
"Between 1991 and 1994, my job at the MoD was to investigate the 200-300 reported sightings of UFOs in the UK each year to see if there was evidence of a potential threat or something of general defence interest. One of the things that was interesting was that when people reported seeing UFOs these things were capable of extraordinary manoeuvres and speeds. They were much faster than our military jets so we wanted to find out about the technology and if we could find it useful. Defence scientists were very interested in the fact they might have some kind of exotic propulsion system."
Pope claims he began investigating UFO with skepticism but as his investigations proceeded he became less skeptical and soon became convinced that not all UFO have been explained. He resigned from the MoD in 2006. In 2009, the MoD said it had stopped all investigation of UFO phenomena.
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