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article imageBull Sharks have the strongest bite

By Tim Sandle     Oct 13, 2012 in Environment
A survey of different sharks and the relative strength of their bite has shown the Bull Shark to have the hardest bite, stronger than even the mighty Great White.
Research published in the journal Zoology has shown that the bull shark has the strongest bite of any predatory shark. According to the BBC, an adult bull shark can bite with a maximum force equivalent to 6,000 Newtons.
A Newton is a measure of weight, equal to the amount of net force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared.
The force of the Bull Shark bite has surprised scientists because the force that the shark can exert is far in excess of the force required to bite through the typical prey that the shark hunts for, such as dolphins, turtles and other sharks.
The Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is a member of the requiem shark family, which includes the tiger and lemon shark. The shark prefers warm, shallow waters and is known to swim up rivers (it has been found some distance along the Amazon River in Peru). Bull Sharks can reach 3.5m long.
The research was based on a study of the jaws and jaw muscles of sharks, relative to their size. The study was led by Maria Habegger of the University of South Florida in Tampa.
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