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article imageGraphic video: Chinese pensioner in bloody subway bite attack

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 11, 2012 in Internet
Guangzhou - A Chinese pensioner, 67, launched a violent attack on a younger man on Guangzhou's subway, biting into the flesh of his arm and drawing a copious flow of blood during a fight over subway seat Monday.
Warning: Graphic and shocking content
A video of the incident posted to YouTube was originally caught by a female passenger and posted to the Chinese website Sina Weibo, China Daily reports. However, YouTube pulled the video because it violated their policy on graphic and shocking content, MSN Now reports.
According to LiveLeak, the incident occurred on Guangzhou's Subway 4, around Chepi South Station.
The Huffington Post reports that according to, the older man, 67, identified simply as Chen, boarded a subway around 8:30 a.m. The younger man, a 28-year-old identified as Wu, allegedly shoved Chen as they scrambled for a seat.
According to an eyewitness, Chen, angered by the young man's action, rebuked him for not respecting his elders. The eyewitness said Chen punched Wu and a physical fight followed during which Chen bit Wu repeatedly until both fighters were splattered with Wu's blood. The floor of the train was also smeared with the young man's blood.
The Daily Mail reports than an eye witness said: "The pensioner... took out a pensioner certificate requesting the young man to leave the seat to him, although there were many empty seats. After the oldie was refused, he suddenly punched the lad, who fought back by kicking on the oldie. Instantly they twisted together. The oldie was quite strong, and he even bit the lad, who bled profusely."
According to The Huffington Post, other passengers tried to break up the fight, but it became so violent that they were scared.
The video (see above) shows Chen biting into the flesh of Wu's arm after pinning him down on the seat. As the two struggled, they rolled off the seat to the floor.
Passengers called the police who boarded the train at the next stop. They arrested the men but soon released them. According to the Daily Mail, the police released the men after they admitted their "wrongdoing" and apologized for their actions.
The Daily Mail reports the younger man, Wu, refused to have his injuries treated at the hospital.
In spite of the profusion of gore, Wu was not seriously injured and neither man is facing charges.
The Daily Mail remarks on the irony of the men fighting over a seat while there were several other empty seats on the train.
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