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Study says penis size does matter in bed

By Owen Weldon     Oct 10, 2012 in Odd News
According to a study, penis size does matter in the bedroom, but only for some women, as well as for certain types of orgasms.
The new study revealed that women who have vaginal orgasms frequently are more likely than other women to say that they climax easier with men who have larger penises. Researchers, from the University of West Scotland, also reported that women who usually prefer penile-vaginal sex over other types of sex also say the same thing, according to NBC.
According to GlobalPost, 323 female students took part in the study. They were questioned about their sexual history as well as what kind of orgasms they experienced and what their penile preference was.
According to Huffington Post,
The study revealed that 33.8 percent of the women preferred bigger than average penises, while 60 percent of the women said that size did not matter to them.
However, when it comes to clitoral orgasm, researchers found that penis size had nothing to do with the frequency of it.
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