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article imageHow are kids getting ready for Halloween and how to help

By Chace Elliott     Oct 9, 2012 in Lifestyle
Days, weeks or even months go into preparing the perfect costume which is essential to getting the most out of any Halloween experience. Today we ask just children are preparing for the holiday and what you can do to help them.
For generations children have celebrated Halloween as a time to dress up, have fun and maybe to live out some of their fantasies. It is the general consensus that you are able to date Halloween back to it’s origins of the Salem witch hunts but it has since evolved into something totally different. We have adopted such traditions as carving pumpkins, dressing up, decorating and scaring each other to no end.
This year children are just as excited as ever to be dressing up to enjoy the fall festivities. Although for some students dressing up in costume and going to school may not be a reality. Last year seen some schools banning the traditional “gory and gruesome” costumes and instead urging students to wear more friendly, exciting costumes.
CTV News had a report from 2011 that explained how St. Therese of Lisieux Catholic elementary school in Hamilton, Ontario banned costumes and treats altogether. Officials from the school said “Halloween costumes were not welcome because they cut into instructional time and also raised safety and privacy questions for students.” This may be a valid concern but now in 2012 we ask ourselves the question of how are our children going to prepare for this upcoming Halloween?
The best place to start when preparing your children for Halloween is by carving pumpkins. It’s a fun and easy family activity that will get everyone in the spirit. If you’re not into carving pumpkins, maybe start by putting up some spooky decorations in your home.
Of course there is always the decision on what costume to wear. Since schools are beginning to take the more “appropriate” route and ban the more gruesome costumes it is probably best to check with them first if your child wants to dress up come that fateful Wednesday.
According to the more traditional costumes are without a doubt the witch, ghost, cat, Frankenstein and the evermore popular vampire. Since our world is so televised and famous people are always put into the spotlight there are the not so traditional costumes that range from Justin Bieber to the Smurfs and even to Honey Boo Boo.
While some schools may be banning this holiday, others may embrace it to it’s full extent. has some great study planning ideas to help teachers make the most out of the day. No matter what the school has planned for the children, there is always the most exciting part of trick or treating come Wednesday night.
This is a time where children will want to be going door to door with their friends, having a good time all the while. If your child is old enough to be going around without you then at least make sure they have a game plan, make sure they are prepared to not only have a good time but also a safe time. Reflective vests and helmets might be going a little over board because after all you don’t want to be taking anything away from the costume your child has probably put a lot of thought into.
The best way to be prepared is just to make sure you know who they are going out with, where they are going and what time you can expect them home at. Children want to be able to go and have a little bit of freedom and this is a perfect chance for that. If they know what you expect from them then they will be able to plan accordingly. Of course if they are leaving the house with a backpack full of toilet paper then there may be reason for a little concern. Children often begin preparing for this holiday at least a month before the actual day. After all, who doesn’t want to have the coolest costume out there?
Halloween may not be the easiest for children or for parents to prepare for but the main thing is to communicate with each other. Safety is key but no child wants to have that over bearing parent on a night like this. Halloween is a time for children to have fun. If they can’t have fun at school during the day then at least they can still dress up and go out that evening.
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