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article imageOp-Ed: Rape liar prison nurse given three year sentence

By Alexander Baron     Oct 8, 2012 in Crime
Bradford - A prison nurse who began an affair with a convicted rapist behind bars is now behind bars herself, but this time as an inmate.
As predicted here last week, former prison nurse Karen Cosford has been sentenced to prison herself. She was tried at Bradford Crown Court, not as reported initially at Leeds. Cosford was given a three year sentence on her conviction for misconduct in public office.
It is well known that some men can't keep it inside their trousers, but there can be no excuse whatsoever for this married woman doing what she did. It was both stupid and irresponsible to start an affair with a man who is considered a danger to women - Brian McBride is serving a life sentence.
It is trebly despicable when one considers the effect her affair with this convicted rapist could have had on him, and the effect it did have on three of her colleagues. (A fourth was cleared last week).
When Cosford was found out, she claimed she had been raped by McBride. A woman who accuses a convicted rapist of rape is telling an extremely plausible lie. If she had been believed, she would have destroyed whatever chance he had in the future for parole. He will also no doubt have found himself on a disciplinary charge.
More important than that as things turned out, three of her colleagues have not only lost their jobs but have also been given prison sentences because they covered up for her.
Judge David Hatton QC said in passing sentence: “It is a sad business indeed when four people of mature years and previous good character, public servants who have devoted, as you have, several years to their vocations find themselves to be sentenced for having abused their position of trust.”
Carolyn Falloon was given 21 months; Jacqueline Flynn was given 15 months; and Kevin Wilson also received 15 months. These sentences may sound harsh but as the judge said, this was a gross breach of security in a prison housing dangerous criminals.
High Security Prison Wakefield is where serial killer Levi Bellfield is currently being held. Odious and dangerous as he is, he is nothing unusual in the so-called Monster Mansion, which is why these sentences were warranted.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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