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article imageWatch Jay Leno's 'Open Denim Style' parody of Gangnam Style

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 8, 2012 in Internet
Jay Leno, in his 'Open Denim Style," has created yet another parody of Psy's phenomenally successful "Gangnam Style." His parody celebrates his favorite clothing, denim.
Leno says in the video: “When I wear my denim I am very comfortable, and all the ladies love me because I’m so casual. Another thing I do that seems to make them feel impressed is I unbutton all my buttons so they can see my chest."
And he opens his denim, showing rather hairy chests.
Leno is a latecomer to the Gangnam Style parody bandwagon. In the past weeks we have seen "Mitt Romney Style," "Obama Style," "Klingon Style," and "Kim Jong Style."
Viewer comments on MSN Now suggest Leno's parody of Gangnam Style comes at a time the craze is wearing off, at least in the US.
iSiUrBad1 comments: "Nice job Jay. Now make this s**t stop, please."
Walrus124 says: "I got a chuckle out of it. But I am getting sick of hearing about it every day. It's time for this to fade away for good."
Kneon_Knight: "Now that Leno has done it, it is officially dead.We can now go back to our lolcats, trolling youtube, and demotivational posters."
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