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article imageOp-Ed: Gates lashes out against Israel as Iran’s regime nears collapse

By Eliot Elwar     Oct 8, 2012 in World
Mideast crisis continues as former US defense secretary lashes out at Israel about military strike on Iran. Turkey responds to Syrian shelling, while Hezbollah threatens to invade Israel’s Galilee.
Furthermore, Iran’s problems continue as Ahmadinejad pumps large militia forces into Tehran to control riots, and defecting Iranian cameraman brings CIA priceless film of secret nuclear sites.
From the Times of Israel: According to former US defense secretary Robert, America needs to tell Israel that it does not “have a blank check to take action that could do grave harm to American vital interests.” Gates, who served under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama from 2006 through 2011, was warning against any military strike on Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities because he believes it could “prove catastrophic.” Gates’ words reveal the growing divide between Israel and America. Gates’ view parallels General Demsey’s attitude when Demsey told the Israelis that they were on their own if they attacked Iran.
From FOXNEWS: Turkish and Syria forces traded artillery fire for the fourth day as rebels clashed with President Bashar Assad's army near the border, amplifying fears that the crisis could erupt into a regional war. For analysts, this is a center of gravity that requires close observation because Turkey belongs to NATO which means war with Syria could include the US. Syria is backed by Russia, which means a Mideast war could involve Russia. This Mideast situation becomes more dangerous daily and could trigger a Third World War.
From The BLAZE: "Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is again firing off a threat that the Lebanese-based terror group plans to one day invade northern Israel and successfully capture the Galilee. In a new interactive infographic the group posted online called “Galilee, Where the Next Confrontation with the Enemy is!” the group states invading the Galilee is its goal should Israel attack Lebanon."
From DEBKAfile: The Iranian government recently invoked the emergency measures drawn up for the 2009 protests to deploy large-scale Bassij militia forces in the capital and crack down on the first angry protests against increasing economic hardship and the plummeting rial. According to a few Mideast analysts, this situation in Iran was triggered by Iran’s failing economy along with its tremendous inflation rate. Iran’s economy took a deep dive when Ahmadinejad threatened the destruction of Israel during his UN speech.
From DEBKAfile: Recently the CIA made its most dramatic scoops in many years, which is an epic disaster for Iran. The CIA’s exclusive Iranian intelligence sources presents President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s personal cameraman, Hassan Golkhanban, who defected from his UN entourage in New York City on 1 October 2012, brought with him an intelligence treasure trove of up-to-date photographs and videos of top Iranian leaders visiting their most sensitive and secret nuclear and missile sites. While this espionage operation received very little coverage within the mainstream media, this clandestine activity could mean a tremendous intelligence advantage for the Israel and America.
The Mideast revolutions continue as democracy is placed in the hands of leaders whose values are based on an entirely different concept and system than any Western style democratic form of government. Giving the majority rule when Mideast populations don’t value life and liberty produces totalitarian outcomes.
Analysts have assessed that the regime in Iran has already created roughly 25 kilograms of highly-enriched uranium and even as the terrible prospect of Iran being able to deploy a nuclear weapon grows closer by the day, America is pre-occupied with the 2012 election, the candidate debates, and polls. Nevertheless, Iran’s leadership could be on its way out due to a war with Israel and America or another Iranian revolution. The Iranian people are angry with their government and revolutions in Iran will increase when Iran engages in warfare against the Western powers. A regime change in Iran is necessary for temporary Mideast peace and global economic stability.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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