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article imageOp-Ed: Justin Trudeau Liberal Leadership race: Week 1

By Richard Mccallum     Oct 7, 2012 in Politics
Montreal - This week Justin Trudeau began his race for Leader of the Liberal Party in earnest by jetting from this great nation's coast to coast and along the way met the proletariat, gained an important ally and the attention of former PM Brian Mulroney.
The hoopla began on October 3/12 when the CBC reported that in an exclusive interview with the public network's well coiffed and attractive reporter Amanda Lang from The Lang and O'Leary Exchange that former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney felt that the Papineau MP could and should be considered a formidable opponent to the Conservative and New Democratic Parties should he succeed in his leadership bid for the Liberal party.
"People who trivialize his achievements and hold out little hope for his prospects ought to be vert careful." said the former Prime Minister.
"Life doesn't work that way. There are always surprises in political life. He's capable of delivering a major one if they underestimate him."
"This is not an untalented guy. I was Opposition leader when his father was Prime Minister and we didn't agree on anything. I can tell you this, he was a very tough, able guy and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
"If I were running a political party up there I'd treat him with considerable respect."
On October 5/12 The National Post published an interesting and historical article on the successes and failures of the progeny of Canada's Prime Ministers by Tristan Hopper.
To conclude the article he relates to the readers the failure of Hugh McDonald the son of Canada's first Prime Minister Sir John A. McDonald to win his bid for PM in the Canadian federal election held in 1900.
"Just as Justin Trudeau's run for Liberal leadership would ignite calls of Trudeaumainia 2.0 the appearance of Hugh (McDonald) into " the arena of Dominion Politics" also kindled "increased interest" in the election as the New York Times staidly noted at the time."
"....As the Manitoba Historical Society put it in a 1973 biography Hugh,"bore the burden of heredity throughout his life" and never could escape being "the old man's son"".
concludes the youthful pundit who may or may not have "who's your daddy" issues in the evidential and historical piece which posits that no child will ever prove him or herself a better human being than their esteemed parents under a photo of very handsome children of Prime Ministers except.... er well...Justin Trudeau who appears to be having a stroke in the shot.
Also on 5/10 /12 the Canadian Press's Kevin Drew's reported that Trudeau said in a Richmond BC hotel ballroom during a rally that attracted more than a thousand potential voters;
".....Canadians should work together and the federal government should "play a role as convener" to convince the various regions to work out their differences".
in reference to the ongoing kitty catfight between international sex symbol and current BC Premier the honorable Ms Christy Clark and the equally attractive and thoughtful Premier of Alberta Ms. Alison Redford over potential profits owed to each province upon the creation of the Enbridge pipeline which currently only exists as a spark in the glint of steely eyes of hopeful oil executives.
On Saturday 6/10/12 The Globe & Mail's reports in an exclusive interview with the candidate that he has secured the endorsement of New Brunswick MP Dominec LeBlanc who has been a lifelong friend.
"It shows the generational also shows the importance of friendship, Dominic is the first person I have shared a stage with and made a joint announcement with."
revealed Trudeau to Taber in the interview with the alluring ex co-host of CTV's Question Period.
In the interview Trudeau also said that ;
"Sometimes I'm impulsive about the things I say, I try to answer the questions that are asked...
It has to do with my authenticity...Has it got me in trouble? Yes. Will it get me in trouble? Yes.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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