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article imageSNL mocks MSNBC's presidential debate analysis

By Michael Krebs     Oct 7, 2012 in Entertainment
The 'Saturday Night Live' team focused their attention on MSBNC's coverage of the presidential debate this week, showcasing the colorful voices that contribute regularly to the news network's analysis.
Widely seen by both ends of the political spectrum as a lackluster performance for President Obama, the nation's eyes have turned to Democratic spin masters in the media and in the many corners of the political party to ascertain an explanation and a projection of what may come from the White House.
And true to form in a season that has so far delivered some gems, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" offered a perspective from the left-leaning MSNBC news network. According to the SNL rendition in "Three Days Later: A Look Back at the Obama Debate Disaster," the president's performance was "the worst thing that ever happened anywhere."
The SNL team kicks off with Rachel Maddow at the helm, portraying her as an anchor eager to understand where things went wrong for the president. Joining Maddow is Reverand Al Sharpton, who offers a running list of theories that range from Denver's high altitude to an instant and magical switch between Governor Mitt Romney and the president.
An angry Chris Matthews is also represented, pounding out his brand of blistering disappointment that is reminiscent of the rant the real Matthews delivered in the moments after the presidential debate.
"What the hell happened?", SNL's Matthews bellows. "I want answers."
Of the many excuses and renditions offered by Democratic strategists and other Obama supporters in the media, the answers Matthews seeks are likely found comically - in real life and on the SNL set - is the "altitude poisoning" argument that is echoed in SNL's Sharpton.
"You see, Obama was poisoned by the altitude," Sharpton said. "See Denver Colorado is a mile high. Now there is no way to know for sure how many feet that is, but it could be upwards of a million. Now, Obama's from Hawaii, which is a mile below the earth. So, for him, speaking in Colorado was like being flown two miles straight into the air and then having to give a speech in outer space."
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