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article imageVideo: Colonel Meow is 'the world's angriest cat'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 7, 2012 in Internet
Colonel Meow, a black smoke Persian cat, named the "world's angriest cat," is the Internet's latest feline sensation. The cat with a fiercely evil frown has tens of thousands of Facebook fans he calls "minions."
KVUE reports Colonel Meow's Facebook page was launched by his owner Anne Marie Avey, a 28-year-old bartender who lives in Seattle, on August 9. The cat's Facebook page had 100 fans on August 30 and as of October 6, more than 35,000, with the number increasing by about 1,000 a day, KVUE reports.
Colonel Meow's fans have nicknamed him the "world's angriest cat," and many have likened his expression to an evil dictator's.
Meow's Facebook page reveals his singular obsession with plotting his next world domination move. Confident of final victory, he wears a perpetual look of disdain for his fan's fawning adoration.
A caption on Meow's Facebook page reads: "I want to plan my world domination... but I also wanna get drunk and eat treaties."
He reveals: "My master is so happy that I have so many friends... what she calls 'friends' I call 'minions.'"
Colonel Meow
Colonel Meow
Meow boasts of his accomplishments: "Behold, minions! I have learned to touch my nose with my tongue. Now honor my great achievement... with treaties and scotch."
But Meow's submissive fans don't seem to mind being called minions by their feline overlord. A "minion" on Meow's Facebook page confesses: "I always wanted to be a minion."
Another says, "If this cat ever has mini me's, I so have dibs."
Colonel Meow
Colonel Meow
Meow reveals his world conquest strategy: "Soon I will be big enough to carry MASTER around. That is when I will make my move for world domination... and be able to get my own treaties out of the cupboard."
The Daily Mail suggests that Meow's upbringing may explain his permanent grouse with the world. Marie adopted him from an animal shelter in Los Angeles. He was found abandoned by a roadside in Seattle, Washington.
Avey has started a contest in which fans are asked to submit photos of themselves pulling a Colonel Meow face. She promises that Meow will announce the minion with the "most worthy" effort.
Yahoo! reports Avey said: "I'm not a crazy cat lady, but this cat is crazy and fun." She told The Daily Dot via phone interview: "I'd be doing laundry or cooking, suddenly look at him, and I would laugh out loud for no reason... That's something that needed to be shared."
Meow, according to his Facebook page, loves treaties, scotch, Ellen DeGeneres Show, but hates Twilight.
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